Miratech Enhances IoT Solutions with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

We ensure seamless digital transformation projects in various industries – maximizing all the benefits that Google’s IoT solution has to offer.

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Miratech Boosts Efficiency with IoT on Google Cloud

Imagine IoT as a city’s smart traffic system. Like connected vehicles sharing data to optimize traffic flow, IoT links devices to enhance efficiency and decision-making. 

Now, picture Miratech as the system builder, making sure everything is connected, optimized, and secure. That’s why we partnered with Google to leverage their IoT technology so we can:

  • Develop faster and reduce costs
  • Centralize solutions in one system
  • Scale quickly and seamlessly
  • Enhance operations and workflows
  • Simplify deployment of IoT solutions
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Miratech’s Expertise with IoT on Google Cloud

With the growing adoption of IoT technology, we have become more deeply connected through devices, so we’re now dependable on digital technology.

Miratech demonstrates its expertise in leveraging Google’s IoT solutions to drive digital transformation, efficiency, and harmonize connectivity and security for end users. By implementing IoT-driven automation solutions, we successfully address challenges related to outdated equipment, manual control limitations, and inefficiencies in managing resources.

Benefits of Google’s IoT Automation Solutions

1. Improved efficiency via automation, reducing tasks and enabling faster responses.

2. Enhanced accuracy that lowers the risk of human error in repetitive tasks.

3. Cost efficiency through optimized processes and reduced downtime.

4. Real-time insights with IoT data providing valuable insights to make better decisions.

Enable Smart IoT Transformation with Miratech & Google

Global Connectivity

Drive true digital transformation at a global level. Connect easily through a variety of IoT devices to the cloud and deliver personalized experiences.

Data Storage

Store your IoT data safely through a combination of different Google Cloud storage services depending on factors such as data volume, data structure, latency requirements, and analytical needs.

Data Processing

Use one of the most powerful platforms to process your IoT data, including Machine Learning, anomaly detection, and real-time dashboards customized to your needs.

Miratech’s network collaborates with Global Engineering Leader for 3M-ton Complex Remote Control


Discover how Miratech leverages its expansive network to embark on an ambitious maritime transportation initiative. The goal was to establish a centralized control system for a massive 3-million-ton-per-year shipment complex.


The shipyard required a sophisticated system that could manage product movement, provide hot redundancies for all remote control- systems, and optimize routes for cost savings.


The solution featured a synergy of Siemens controllers, server applications, and specialized software. This technology facilitated algorithmic route optimization, real-time state visualization, and complete owner-operated remote complex control.


Leveraging IoT and cloud technologies, the project establishes benchmarks in centralized control, energy efficiency, and cost optimization, showcasing Miratech’s dedication to cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry norms.


Plant Optimization: Revolutionizing Operations with Google Cloud-Enabled IoT


In a transformative initiative, Miratech leveraged its network of experts to modernize a 20,000-ton sugar plant through an IoT-driven automation solution. Leveraging electric controllers, Miratech engineered sensors and Open SCADA, seamlessly integrating IoT capabilities with the cloud.


The aging sugar plant grappled with old equipment, manual controls, and operational inefficiencies. Addressing equipment limitations and elevating quality and productivity emerged as pivotal objectives.


Subject matter experts ingeniously reengineered technology processes, deploying an integrated automation control system. Cloud-based IoT applications facilitated real-time remote monitoring, automated evaporation, condensate, and sulfation processes, and optimized raw materials management.


The project resulted in an increase in product quality and productivity. The implemented IoT system, coupled with the powerful and scalable capabilities of Google Cloud, mitigated legacy equipment defects and modernized plant operations.



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