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Today, big data is driving innovation everywhere in the workplace. Creating value from the information you generate is just the beginning. To maximize big data, you need to connect data from internal, public and licensed sources. That’s where higher organizational performance comes from and why industry leaders trust Miratech. We bring the best architects, engineers and consultants to transform that data into better and faster decision making. After all, putting the right data in front of the right employees at the right time is what truly drives organizational performance. And performance is what Miratech is all about... Relentless Performance.

Whether your data is created or used in the field, on the factory floor or in the office, Miratech optimizes your IT infrastructure and helps lower costs. This includes using sophisticated algorithms to identify what data to store live, for short term access and for archive retrieval. We provide a holistic solution big data needs.

Relentless Analytics for Improved Decision Making

Once we help define, access and connect the data you need, what’s next? Putting it to use effectively. Because today you have to continuously and simultaneously analyze enormous amounts of data to extract relevant information that will generate the greatest value. This is no easy task. That’s why our engineers use sophisticated analytics tools that take the information you have and turn it into the knowledge you need.

With Miratech, your Big Data project is going to be successful... we guarantee it.

Once Miratech develops your Big Data strategy and executes it with precision, you’ll be able to learn more about customers, gain further insights into your organization, develop more efficient business processes and make better business decisions than ever before.

How We Generate Your Success

Big Data doesn’t work unless you make it work for you. Here’s how Miratech helps companies extract the maximum value from their efforts:

  • We optimize data mining strategies to uncover trends, patterns and relationships that may have otherwise remained undetected
  • We leverage business intelligence applications (Birst, Cazena, Hadoop, IMB, Oracle, Microsoft Power BI, MicroStrategy, Qlik R, SAS, Qlik, Tableau, TIBCO) artificial intelligence and neural networks to analyze and interpret your structured and unstructured data
  • We define optimal data storage sizing for your infrastructure to ensure you aren’t paying for more than you need, but have the data available when you need it
  • We create powerful solutions with what we have collected and organize it through analytic models to make the most use out of your data
  • We empower your employees through the use of big data to better service your customers, to create the ultimate client experience and foster one-on-one customer relationships

What Big Data Can Do for Your Industry

Whether it’s an enterprise solution or a departmental solution, the data you collect can be utilized at every level of an organization.

That’s Relentless Analytics.

Ready for Our Analytics to Generate Your Success?

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Ready for Our Analytics to Generate Your Success?