Miratech Agile Portfolio System

Success begins with the perfect plan from concept to completion. At Miratech, that’s exactly what we deliver. We bring our world-class team of engineers to seamlessly integrate our proprietary methodologies and tools based on industry standards into your internal processes to bring you guaranteed success, all with 30-40% more efficiency than our leading competitors.

Relentless Preparation

The most important question that defines business success is, “Are we ready?” Is your final product ready to be delivered and are you, as an organization, ready to deliver it? Miratech makes sure you never have to ask that again. We have turned that question into a solution and provide the speed, skills and expertise to deliver your product to success, in budget, on time, every time, guaranteed.

How We Prepare You for Success

We bring you the greatest combination of our industry culture, experience and methodologies with our world-class engineering talent. Introducing The Miratech Agile Portfolio System™. We’ve perfected the art of readiness for our clients guaranteed success. From the brainstormed idea to the finished product, Miratech covers your full software development cycle including business and system requirements, architecture, coding, peer reviews, testing, production maintenance and support to bring you the most agile, efficient and effective delivery approach.


Leverage Award-Winning Tools and Methodologies

Miratech was recognized for their unique way of delivering IT projects of any complexity on time and on budget by CIO. By using Miratech Agile Portfolio System, Miratech covers the full software development cycle, bringing their clients the most agile, efficient, and effective delivery approach.
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Are You Ready for Success?

How do we prepare our clients for success? We let them know when they’re ready. We use our Readiness Model to establish your scope baseline, tracking and measurements to determine the features of your product, monitor them for testing and potential defects and calculate the metrics of each one to determine your project’s readiness.

We set you up for success by ensuring your product passes through our relentless approach to readiness. We use Quantative Requirements Management to define and document every component, feature, use-case and test case of your project to determine what it’s going to take to get it done and use a Track-Till-Closure approach to trace that information from start to finish. To optimize the quality and effort of these procedures, we provide the perfect balance of automated and manual Predictive Testing to see if there are any potential issues and how we can prevent them.

Miratech knows descriptions aren’t enough and companies are going to have to see it to believe it. That’s why we created the Miratech Live Dashboard. Your Project Intelligence & Analytics are stored on your dashboard and include historical data that provides powerful analytics for all important project metrics including earned value, readiness, quality, defect density, productivity and more. You get all this information, plus 24/7 updates on project status with key metrics, targets and forecasts. This information then gets taken from the engineering level to the business level to help your organization make better, faster and more informed business decisions.

At Miratech, readiness is not a feeling, it’s a fact. We leverage historical data from our wealth of previous experience on industry leaders’ project to assess the difficulty and complexity of your project. Based on that information we can determine what it’s going to take to get yours off the ground. We give you 100% visibility so you can see your real progress and find and eliminate any productivity issues that may arise along the way.

As your IT Partner, it’s our responsibility to ensure your best results. With our elite team of engineers, wealth of knowledge, variety of skills and relentless performance, only one question remains: Are you ready for success?


Ready to Build Your Success? It’s Our Guarantee.


Ready to Build Your Success? It’s Our Guarantee.