Trusted Network of Partners

Since 2000, Miratech has offered Customer Experience (CX) strategic services. With Genesys as our first strategic partner, we’ve grown and expanded our expertise, and built a partner ecosystem that includes Technology Providers, System Integrators, and Platform Providers that are critical to delivering the world-class solutions for our clients.

Creating Experiences That Amaze Customers

Miratech partners with top-tier industry leaders. We know what it takes to deliver outstanding customer experience, which is why we select global experts that empower companies with proven solutions to enable them to deliver great personalized experiences and remain highly competitive on the market.

Third-Party Integrations in CX and Cloud-Based Deployments

Miratech provides an all-inclusive solution that encompasses all critical technology considerations relevant to CX migration, and digital transformation initiatives.
Need to integrate customer-facing applications with Salesforce or Google? Want to revolutionize your customer experience with conversational artificial intelligence (AI) using voice or web-messaging? Miratech knows that Customer Experience is the responsibility of every department within an organization, and we are here for you to unlock the potential of your organization by breaking down silos to help you drive business growth and create a seamless experience that your customers love.

Looking to Deliver Success on Every Project.... Join Our Partner Network


Looking to Deliver Success on Every Project.... Join Our Partner Network