From a single Visionary to a
Fortune 1000 enterprise

When you succeed 99% of the time, you attract a pretty diverse fan base. That’s why we serve one of the most diverse set of organizations throughout the world. Because we thrive in complexity, we can just as easily help an entrepreneur with a start-up get their product to market on time and under budget as we can help a global financial institution innovate their customer experience.

Miratech offers the perfect technology solution tailored to your organization’s lifecycle and requirements.

Regional and Global Leaders:

While very often our first engagement with larger organizations begins with a Project Rescue, where we are brought in to complete an IT project that is in distress, in most cases, that single opportunity turns into a long-term relationship. When you succeed 99% of the time your work gets recognized. That’s when Miratech transitions into critical IT programs and digital transformations that help innovate infrastructure and operations, enlighten customers by improving customer experience, and add impenetrable layers of cyber security.

Rising Stars / Future Leaders

Finally, your model is proving out and market conditions are aligned. For organizations looking to scale fast without losing momentum, they count on Miratech to make sure they don’t lose a beat. Whether you’re a fast growing privately held or public company, Miratech can help you attain and retain the high-performing IT talent that will guarantee you meet all of your growth objectives.

Up-and-coming organizations developing innovative technologies or supporting custom or legacy systems look to Miratech’s Turn-Key solutions to keep operations efficient. We integrate performance metrics perfectly aligned to your business goals, and that’s how we succeed together.

If you’re looking to build IT competence faster and integrate data and insights seamlessly into core business decisions, look directly to Miratech to grow with you step by step.

Technology Companies / Professional Services (PS) Teams

For tech companies that have a new release or are reliant on their professional services team to get their products configured properly, Miratech provides multiple solutions. Turn-Key R&D for ensuring product release dates are managed to perfection; or Turn-Key PS to help solve numerous market conditions.

Our Turn-Key PS services can best be defined by our almost two-decade partnership as global partner to Genesys, the leader in customer experience software. 3 million hours of services later we actually train our own staff to support new features. When PS capacity is reached, we support internal PS divisions by providing high-performing flexible teams to respond to opportunities, wherever they are around the world. And for clients in industries where implementation budgets are tight, we provide the resources to meet those needs. Whatever the scenario, we help technology companies achieve greater margins on services.

Start-up technology companies trust Miratech to reduce the risk of failure on first product implementations and accelerate the adoption of their systems. We add the necessary talent to make sure early adopters succeed rapidly using their solutions.

Start-ups and VC’s

In a young organization, experienced IT leadership is often the difference between success and failure. But how do you afford it, how do you attract the experience necessary? That’s where Miratech truly innovates the marketplace.

Our R&D4Equity solution allows start_ups to get the high performing technology teams they need without ever paying cash for it. It not only improves cash needs and utilization, but also accelerates the ability to scale seamlessly with world_class IT expertise and leadership.

For well_funded start_ups, we provide an array of Turn-Key Solutions that offer full team and stacks of services for IT operations or product development.

Start-ups come to Miratech to dramatically reduce their risks of failure through the adoption of our methodologies and processes. We also provide them with channel and market growth opportunities through our network of clients and global relationships. With Miratech on your team, your odds of success actually improve by over 300%.

Private Equity Firms

While many of the values we bring to start-ups also support VC activities, we offer some unique services to PE firms. For mergers and roll-ups, our IT teams help accelerate the integration of new assets and help with the due diligence and planning to improve success. For carve-outs, we ensure the divested asset can operate effectively on its own without its historic connections to legacy systems.

For PE firms looking to improve and consolidate the IT leadership across their entire portfolio, Miratech provides the team to create visibility into all your assets through specialized custom live portfolio dashboards that allow management to dive deep into each company’s operations.

Miratech understands that when we accelerate the operational improvement needed to create scale, we help you and your team accelerate your timeframe to your exit strategy. Aligning goals is a specialty of Miratech, so tying our compensation to performance makes perfect sense. Especially when you succeed 99% of the time.

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