Team Extension

Traditional IT outsourcing companies provide staff augmentation services, not Miratech. We’ve taken the idea of supporting companies looking to increase the organization’s technical capacity or append departmental skill sets to a whole new level. At Miratech, we provide a higher quality solution; high-performing technology teams whose relentless performance ensures the success of your project.

We call it a Team Extension. Our engineers join your team on day one ready to tackle your organization’s unique challenges... all at the best cost per deliverable.

Rigorous Training... Relentless Performance

How does Miratech guarantee higher productivity, fewer defects and better cost per deliverable? Our teams all go through our Managed Competence Center® (MCC). It is a rigorous program that ensures comprehensive understanding of the project, the team’s role, governance structures and what success looks like for the team and more importantly you and your department.

Our MCC process builds the perfect high-performing team for your specific project. That’s why 98% of our senior engineers remain on the same team for more than one year.

To keep our staff the best in the industry, we provide ongoing training and education not just based upon each engineers expertise; every Miratech engineer is cross-trained in the latest technologies and disciplines to always understand what their role in your organization means to the entire department and company. So they are always a perfect fit. That’s why if you ever find that a Miratech team member is not relentlessly performing for you, we honor our commitments by offering 1-day replacement, guaranteed.

Miratech takes pride not only in our expert teams and professional services, but our added value that sets us apart from our competitors. Rather than having our clients pay for a benched team when business is slow, we allow them to seamlessly ramp up or ramp down their teams based solely on company needs.

These extensions to your team are a reflection of the powerful partnership we create together. Our clients deserve a partner as invested in reaching their company’s goals as they are. That is why success is the only story we deliver.

Are You Ready for Success?

Your IT Team is Ready to Relentlessly Perform for You.

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Are You Ready for Success?

Your IT Team is Ready to Relentlessly Perform for You.