Whether you’re a market leader or a startup on the road to success,

organizations of all sizes need to keep up with the accelerating pace of technological change. Today’s decisions around technology will impact your business for decades, no matter what the industry. That’s why companies around world count on Miratech, with global experience in almost every industry. What is common between industries is our unique ability to guarantee the success of the technology projects needed to transform your business and stay a few steps ahead of your competition.

Whether you’re looking to disrupt your industry, elevate your customer experience or transform your entire organization, you can count on Miratech to craft your technological roadmap to success.

Transforming Relentless Expertise Across Industries

Transforming the knowledge learned from project to project and cross-industry is part of the value Miratech brings to your team as a strategic partner. Our relentless technology teams are an invaluable asset to any project. No learning curves, no downtown, our teams are efficient from day one, guaranteed.

However, transforming expertise only takes you so far, that is why Miratech has built a global partner network of subject matter and industry experts to ensure that we always have the highest performing talent on the team with the most relevant experience to impact your project.


For three of the world’s leading global banks and many regional banking leaders we have helped them with digital transformations of their business models. We understand how to leverage legacy technologies with new customer facing front-end solutions.

Build solutions that will enable you to quickly adapt to regulatory requirements and customer demands. Our expertise covers core banking solutions (Temenos, FlexCube, Way4, Midas, etc.); risk and compliance solutions (enterprise risk management (ERM), Internal Controls, tax compliance), AML, cyber security solutions, and many other.


Invest in your future success by seamlessly connecting your digital initiatives with legacy IT systems. Revolutionize your key insurance business processes from sales to claim management, including self-care payments, after-sale service, underwriting, policy management, claims management, legal case management, enterprise data warehouse (EDW), and dispute resolution.

Debt Collection

Miratech supports a number of the world’s most robust debt collection platforms; including enabling technologies to work across much of the complex European Banking sector.

Remould your business by improving delinquency rates and creating unmatched customer experience. Support the entire customer lifecycle by building innovative collection systems, invoicing solutions, call centers, portfolio analytics solutions, and DWH/BI solutions.


Adapt to the astounding change in your industry and create unique and personalized service for every customer. Build consumer trust in savvy customers through unparalleled customer experience and cutting edgebilling, provisioning, campaign management, and call center solutions.

Venture Capital

Miratech offers Venture Capital firms various ways to reduce the risks associated with start-ups. Today we support VC’s in Tel Aviv, New York and London. Our services such as R&D4Equity help preserve operating capital and bring world-class engineering talent to the company. For well-funded deals, Miratech provides the talent under our Turn-Key solutions, where we help guarantee the success of the company. When we co-invest in a business, we improve the odds of its success by over 300%.

Private Equity

Miratech assists PE firms with everything from initial due diligence to developing an IT leadership team across your entire portfolio of companies. Miratech’s high-performing teams ensure best in class solutions. Once a deal closes, we integrate new assets seamlessly and swiftly. Whether extracting a carve-out to ensure that the divested asset can operate effectively on its own without its historic connections to legacy systems or building custom reporting dashboard your portfolio. With our diverse skills and abilities, Miratech is the perfect partner for PE firms looking to manage success.

Software/High Tech

Miratech helps our technology sector clients succeed by ensuring that new products rollouts or updates are successful.

Get your products configured properly. Achieve greater margins on services. Partner with Miratech to get the fastest results in the industry with 30% more efficiency at the best cost per deliverable, with a 99% success rate. Get access to world-class talents, including DevOps, quality assurance, technical support, service desk, and professional services.

Health Care

Deliver the finest quality care to all your clients. Empower your services by building and maintaining the most accurate, compliance-grade data through your EHR, EMR, and healthcare data analytics solutions.

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