Organizations need skilled engineers and developers to manufacture their product, but they need the highest quality assurance services to make it the best product on the market. Miratech’s team of experts with strong technical backgrounds and deep understanding of the industry ensures the quality of your product is never in question, so we can deliver it to success.

Our Work Starts and Ends with Relentless Quality

Our QA managers and testers understand the necessity of hiring the best people to make sure that your product works the way it’s supposed to. Miratech’s elite team of engineers uses multiple approaches to create the highest level practices based on quality management principles and standards. We possess a strong customer focus, consider the potential issues that may arise, and determine the best approach to produce the highest quality product. That’s how we establish a baseline of excellence and performance across your organization.

How We Assure Your Success

Our Managed Competence Center® provides the expertise, skills and capacity your organization needs to ensure your product is delivered to perfection with more efficiency than anyone else in the industry. With advanced knowledge across a wide variety of industries, we are able to gear our testing specifically to your organization. We are also able to leverage that experience to understand the likelihood of certain defects to predict potential problems before they occur. These benefits assure that the quality of your product will be rigorously evaluated to ensure the best results.

As your IT Partner, we want to make sure you put the best product on the market and that process begins with quality. With the industry expertise of our relentless performers, we make sure to deliver the highest level of excellence with guaranteed success.

Alexander Tarasenko

Director, Quality and Processes, ISTQB board member

“Reworking and enhancing software exceeds the price of its quality assurance ten-fold”

Ready For The Highest Quality Team to Assure Your Success?


Ready For The Highest Quality Team to Assure Your Success?