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While IT Outsourcing has been part of business strategy for decades,

the argument over what to outsource and how to do it continues to evolve.

In 2003, Paul Harmon published the first look at the what today is referred to the Strategic/Complexity Model, identifying Business Process Improvement options. This model was updated in 2014 by Datamark in their Process Strategy Matrix.

Today, based upon our own evolving client relationship, Miratech brings to market a new approach to these models, creating the “Value Innovation Partnership Model” In this new vision the traditional 4th quadrant is shifted from a strictly “Retain-in-house” quadrant and divided into subsets of roles between Miratech and our clients.

This shared quadrant creates a compelling new operational model for innovative and fast-growing companies.

A Partnership Designed by You

So how do you want to partner with Miratech. The options are endless. Our capabilities allow us to run the entire IT stack of services for operations or product development, or both. We call that our Turn Key Solutions. If you just need greater capacity or skills to meet an upcoming deadline, our Team Extensions solve that challenge quickly. And for project management and development we work seamlessly under Managed Engagements.

Miratech’s Value Innovation Partnership Model allows us to bring unique capabilities to every high performing technology team we assemble.

Our teams bring added value to any engagement due to extensive cross training, required continued education and project planning elevated by our Managed Competence Center.

At Miratech we believe to provide the highest performing teams you need to be thinking like our client’s management team and leadership, that why we approach every project as if it is the highest level value delivery (4th quadrant) of our Value Innovation Partnership Model.

And that’s how we deliver relentless performance at every engagement level. From team extensions, to managed engagements, to complete Turn Key solutions Miratech delivers exceptional results tied to performance benchmarks that ensures success.


Endre Ragnes, CEO at Axactor, talks about the high-performance partnership between Axactor and Miratech

Relentless Performance... have it your way

Whether time and materials, negotiated service level agreements, or success fees tied to overall financial performance, each and every Miratech engagement is focused on client success... delivered with flexibility and achieved through our unique culture of Relentless Performance.

Miratech’s Value Innovation Partnership allows us to bring unique capabilities to every high-performing technology team we assemble; and our unique servicing levels to ensure that clients get the exact resources, exactly how they want them.

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Ready for Success?

Let Relentless Performance Work for You!