Miratech helps visionaries to change the world. We are a global IT services and consulting company that brings together global enterprise innovation and start-up innovation. Today we support digital transformation for the largest enterprises on the planet.

By partnering with both large and small players, we stay at the leading edge of technology, remain nimble even as a global leader, and create technology that helps our clients further enhance their business. Our culture of Relentless Performance enables over 99% of Miratech’s engagements to succeed by meeting or exceeding scope, schedule and/or budget objectives since our inception in 1989.

Core Values

We share the essential values of our global community, including honesty, integrity, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. However important these are, we believe they are shared by most organizations, and are not differentiating. They do not uniquely define our organization’s genotype. Rather, we choose to describe Miratech’s unique genotype through these core value statements; unique in that they are not emphasized by other firms:

Key Facts

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Ready for Success?

Let Relentless Performance Work for You!