Tired of not knowing where you’re at with your project implementation? At Miratech, we know organizations need to see progress to see success. That’s why we bring the clarity you need with 100% visibility on every project from concept to completion. We show you the real picture in real time, every time with projects completed at 30-40% more efficiency than anyone else in the industry.

Relentless Visibility

A successful product begins with perfectly managed components. With so many variables affecting completion, project deadlines suffer from subjective feelings of readiness rather than objective data showing the facts. With Miratech's Live Dashboard, you'll never have to question where you are on a project. We lift the veil on cloudy estimations to provide real-time web and mobile updates that give you the most up-to-date information on your project status.

How We Show You Your Success

We have each component, feature and use-case measured through advanced qualitative and quantitative methods tracked until closure. That way, there are never any missing pieces of the project that could slow down your progress. We then take that information combined with actual and historic data, risks, status information and traceability and store it in our Project Intelligence & Analytics System. This helps us show you where your project stands and allows us to provide constant, consistent updates to keep you up to speed with what needs to be done.

We give you all the facts to help you not only determine project readiness, but also reduce the possibility of potential defects and increase efficiency, so you can make better, faster management decisions.

At Miratech, we know the proof of success can only be confirmed in the product we deliver. That’s why we provide your team with the necessary tools to only need to rely on the facts for success, guaranteed.


Ready for Success?


Ready for Success?