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Our Experience

Relentless Praise for Relentless Performance

Miratech has been Aptic’s partner since 2017, and they always keep exceeding our expectations. From risk management practices to product development, we are confident of getting great results.

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Rune Steinberg

Head of Development, Aptic

Miratech is one of many outsource partners that’s helped Genesys grow to more than $850 million in revenue by developing program applications, deploying products, and working with their end users, among other things. We’ve worked to make Miratech part of the team. They get our evolving needs, and they’re flexible in their business model.

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Paul Segre

CEO, Genesys

We knew from the outset that our experience with Miratech and their relentless pursuit to provide superior service would enable us to achieve our aggressive growth strategy.

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Endre Rangnes

Former CEO, Axactor

We had won a very large, significant outsourcing contract within the financial industry in Finland. As part of our contract, we had to build a robust, modern financial application to enable service operations for one significant part of the contract. We recognized that we lacked the capability in-house to build such a complex application to such a tight timescale....
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Arttu Hollmérus

Business Development Director, Lindorff

Miratech partnered with Genesys to design and implement a technology solution to increase customer satisfaction at a large financial institution. The combined project team spent two months on site at the client’s headquarters, finishing on budget and ahead of schedule. Both the client and Genesys are delighted with their contributions, expertise and professionalism....
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Ken Conrad

PS Regional Manager, Genesys

Miratech’s professionalism and commitment were among the most important factors in the success of this project. Miratech will definitely be top of mind when we consider future projects and challenges

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Michael Bergman

R&D Manager, Migdal

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