What does it take to support the United States Departments of Defense, Treasury, Army, Navy and Homeland Security cyber security solutions? Relentless Performance... from a team of over 200 of the brightest cyber security minds in the world.

When you are dealing with life and death scenarios for governments, the risk of cyber intrusions can be catastrophic. For business it is no less impactful. Our solutions are deployed in over 40 organizations across 23 states and 6 continents. Our teams are vetted with the highest levels of scrutiny, and 90% of them have government security clearance, so you can rest assured you systems and assets are entrusted to the professionals who are fully trained on how to handle the most sensitive data.

Whether you’re looking to develop a compliant solution around PCI, HIPAA, COPPA, FERPA, SOX or SEC regulations, Miratech can provide the guidance and security solutions required to minimize risks, and provide relentless protection.

The Best Defense is a Great Offense!

Miratech’s Cyber Solutions are powered by the leading Artificial Intelligence Expert System for Active Cyber Defense and Trusted Information Sharing. Our solutions improve cyber security analysts performance up to 100X, reduce false-positives by up to 99%, and boost return on existing cyber security investments.

Isn’t it time you put relentless performance to work for you.

With almost 30 years of experience spanning over 6 continents, we have the industry knowledge, expertise and experience implemented through highly strategic security services to ensure we provide relentless protection so your best kept secrets are safe with us.

That’s Relentless Security.

Ready for Relentless Protection to Secure Your Success?

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Ready for Relentless Protection to Secure Your Success?