Miratech Talent Investment Program

We created Miratech’s Talent Investment Program (M-TIP) to help aspiring tech talents to get their career going faster. We train young talents to become top-notch professionals through exposure to real-world scenarios faced by Miratech’s senior team members on a daily basis. By joining the program, you will have a chance to take part in creating enterprise-level products and work as part of a large software development team.

How It Works

To achieve the level of proficiency that are required in today’s market of IT projects for Miratech’s clients worldwide, junior professionals work on tasks under the guidance of experienced professionals. Each trainee undergoes a structured program that is tailored to their individual needs and specific project requirements.


Under the mentorship of a senior team member, with access to real-world environments and an active knowledge base. Everyone who undergoes our training program learns from the best in the industry – they have access to our team of over 200 professionals, with various expertise and experience across a wide range of technologies.

On-The-Job Training

Training begins with simple project-oriented tasks, which then gradually grow in complexity. This is how trainees are evaluated on communication, completeness of comprehension, and delivery of solutions on their path to becoming professionals. Why is it important? People learn faster by working in a real environment right from the start – this will allow you to increase your level of expertise at a faster pace, while your mentors ensure you do not make common mistakes and errors that are seen when applying theory to real-world environments.

Become a trainee and build your future faster