You’ve got this... your project is under control; you just need a few more resources to get to the finish line. When you need to add skills or capacity to complete your project, Miratech provides the highest-performing resources, period. Our team adapts to your methodologies seamlessly and are ready to relentlessly perform from day one, due to our extensive training programs and our MCC process. This is how we create teams with long tenure and why 98% of our senior engineers remain on your project for at least one year. At Miratech, we believe in always delivering what we promise. If you ever find a team member isn’t relentlessly performing for you, we provide 1-day replacement without hesitation, guaranteed.

After we assemble the perfect team, we believe you’ll experience performance at a much higher level. Our teams typically deliver 30% more than other teams, proven by our “Best Cost Per Deliverable Model’, and the more complex the work the higher our productivity!

Some of our clients have chosen to leverage our high-performing team work and coopted some of Miratech’s processes and methodologies along the way, improving their internal systems and processes. It’s just another added benefit of working with Miratech.

For clients looking to build and train a team fast, we created Miratech's Talent Investment Program (M-TIP). It is designed to help you build and sustain the talent you need in today’s rapidly changing technology environments.

Leverage M-TIP to build your perfect team

Because we are so certain our relentless performance will exceed your expectation and needs, we are flexible in how you can procure Miratech resources. Time and materials agreements, whether monthly, weekly or hourly, can include specific deliverables to ensure you are set to cross that finish line... on time and on budget!

Ready to Build Your Success? It’s Our Guarantee.


Ready to Build Your Success? It’s Our Guarantee.