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Everyone’s talking about blockchain But making it work takes more than talk

Blockchain data exists on a shared, continually reconciled database that is duplicated many times across a network of computers. And it's rapidly becoming obvious that this technology is about far more than just Bitcoin. Blockchain has the potential to completely transform the way organizations go about their business. Financial services, healthcare, insurance, government and other sectors – blockchain has innovative uses for many businesses. By establishing this practice, Miratech will help clients improve their internal efficiencies and enhance the existing operations, as well as create new product and service opportunities.


Richard Bush, President at NYIAX, discusses blockchain technology at Miratech’s M-Force18 New York

Miratech’s Blockchain Practice turns talk into action

We will help you identify opportunities, and build an action plan complete with roadmap that identifies blockchain opportunities and shows you how to get started. We offer either a 4-week assessment complete with training for executives, interviews with stakeholders, and a comprehensive workshop, or a quick 2-3 day workshop.


Miratech’s Blockchain Workshop details opportunities from high value high ease of implementation to lower ease but potentially higher ROI


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Still need help with blockchain? We know just who you should talk to

Gil Brodnitz

Gil Brodnitz, Founder and Managing Partner of Groundswell Strategies and a recognized leader in blockchain implementation, leads all of Miratech’s blockchain offerings. His more than 25 years of experience includes extensive IT work for major corporate and other clients around the world.

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Ready to make the most of blockchain?