Industry experts are separating themselves from the competition by taking the information derived from big data and using it to generate the best and fastest customer engagement, sales and service. With Miratech, you are already ahead of the game. We help companies gain the greatest value by employing advanced analytic techniques to extract the most important information across all channels of unstructured and structured data to gain the best insights into their customer experience.

Relentless Intelligence

Miratech helps companies work smarter, not harder. We understand the volume, velocity and variety of information your business generates every day can make it challenging to extract the deepest insights to learn the most about your customers. That’s why we guide our clients through the world of big data. Our world-class engineers employ the most advanced analytics in the industry to take the information that will bring the greatest insights across all potential data avenues to deliver what you need to bring the best customer experience to your clients.

How We Generate Success

Organizations in every industry want to create a more personal, engaging customer experience. That’s why we bring you the customer intelligence you need to work smarter and make better customer-driven decisions for your business. We do this by using advanced data mining strategies and leveraging business intelligence applications (Birst, Cazena, Hadoop, IMB, Oracle, Microsoft Power BI, MicroStrategy, Qlik R, SAS, Qlik, Tableau, TIBCO) artificial intelligence and neural networks to interpret your structured and unstructured data and analyze patterns, relationships and behaviors in your customer activity. This allows us to uncover hidden trends and untapped sales potential that would have otherwise remained undetected.

Once we’ve gathered all that information we organize it through analytic models to create powerful solutions to make the most use out of what we’ve discovered. When you know what data is going to bring you the most value we then help you decide how much space you need to store it so you aren’t paying for more than you need, but have all the information available right when you need it. This knowledge will empower your employees to use big data to better service your clients, foster personalized customer relationships, potentially generate a new client base and improve client retention.

At Miratech, we understand how essential your clients are to your business vitality. That’s why we help companies unlock the door to the world of big data with the key to every organization’s success: the best customer experience.

Are You Ready for Success Delivered Smarter?


Are You Ready for Success Delivered Smarter?