Vladimir Dyadyura

Head of IT Department, Bank for Investment and Savings

Faced with a need of opting for reliable and modern IT solutions, we turned to Miratech, as the main partner of EDB in Ukraine – the European leader in IT outsourcing for the financial sector.

Moreover, Miratech has 20 years of expertise in the IT market of Ukraine in different areas, and its specialists possess skills needed to solve urgent problems of automation of banking activities.

During our cooperation Miratech demonstrated not only a balanced pricing, which today is an important factor, but also a thorough, detailed elaboration of the tasks that had to be solved, which confirms Miratech’s reputation as a reliable and responsible partner.

Miratech provides qualified and continuous support for the administration of the DBMS ORACLE, and consulting services in other areas of the Bank’s IT operations.

Outsourcing of IT tasks to Miratech’s experts enables the Bank to address the independence of our business from the staffing problems; it helps reduce the risks associated with the overconcentration of functional tasks and competencies in the hands of the Bank’s own IT cadres. In the course of work, and depending on the complexity and nature of tasks, Miratech provides IT professionals specialized in different areas. Decisions on projects can be achieved faster, and their cost decreases.

The experience of joint work of the Bank and Miratech and, most importantly, the results of cooperation – all this gives grounds for hope that our cooperation will develop and expand in the future.

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