Partner Enablement Programs Outperform the Competition

Miratech is pleased to announce its partnership with K2 a company, which commitment is to continuing to deliver K2-based solutions shaped around such Microsoft core products, as Office 2003, Office 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services. The partnership with K2 encourages Miratech to align its sales enablement with K2 own business strategies, the strength of which lies in delicate yet powerful intersection of customer-ready content that is relevant to customer’s needs, and delivered on a common, intuitive platform.

Miratech began to deploy K2 technologies long before the formal decision on the partnership was settled. In particular, five years ago Miratech completed a project for large global company and now provides its maintenance.

Complex offerings in vertical markets (including insurance, trade and banking sector) require a particular set of features to better understand customers’ challenges and their problem solving patterns at each stage of the buying cycle. With K2 Miratech builds up a team of experts who help the companies’ clientle rise above the competition, reduce complexity and drive results.


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