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Need to accelerate your business transformation to take advantage of new market opportunities? Whatever your imperative, the global pandemic has played a significant role in opening organizational eyes to different and more effective ways of operating. As the world reopens, digital transformation (DX) is a business top priority, resulting in increased IT investment. However, agreeing the budget is just the start, finding the right talent to drive successful change can prove difficult.

So, why limit resourcing by geographical boundaries? If you are serious about unleashing business potential, leveraging a global talent pool can accelerate your process. The question is, how do you do that quickly and easily?

COVID-19: re-routing for greater opportunity 

The impact of the pandemic has not only caused businesses to re-route, but in doing so see new, and potentially greater, opportunity. As part of the process of re-thinking we are talking to more organizations looking to seize the opportunity to accelerate DX.

In fact, ESG research highlights that 88% of organizations report being in process or having a mature digital transformation initiative this year. In many cases this will require specialist expertise and proven experience, to ensure a successful outcome. Yet those specific skills and experience can be hard to find, especially if you limit your search geographically.

A world of ‘virtual’ talent

The rapid evolution of cloud-based collaboration technology, and the ability to access the internet from anywhere, has given organizations the tools to operate almost seamlessly in a ‘virtual’ world. Opening businesses up to a global talent pool, it has provided the key to unlock a seismic shift in resourcing models. Where previously ‘remote or home working’ tended to be the exception, rather than the norm, many ‘enabled’ workers only used this functionality for ‘out of hours’ working. However, some organizations have been able to take advantage of the remote work model, especially those in specialist professions, such as our own, with the pandemic providing the catalyst for large-scale change.

Miratech is a multilingual and multinational technology solutions provider, working with leading edge technologies to enable businesses globally. As specialists in successful technology transformation for Fortune Global 500 companies, we have thrived on using virtual working practices in our business model for many years. So, we know the value of attracting and leveraging a global talent pool, to deliver market-leading technology solutions, often ahead of schedule.

Optimizing the skills available to your business, and optimizing the cost base, will positively impact business results. As The Economist estimated, back in 2017, closing borders to talent mobility could be losing businesses $78 trillion dollars. Leveraging a global virtual talent pool, with open borders, makes sense if you are looking to achieve rapid technological and business transformation.

Imagine having the ability to easily connect to the right skills, and technology expertise and experience so you can ramp up projects quickly. Sounds good, so what is stopping you?

Finding the right partner

Understandably, there are reasons to be cautious about leveraging virtual talent to deliver your digital transformation. From risk management to delivery assurance, there is lots to consider, and trying to find the right fit from a global pool of a talent can be daunting.  However, with the right technology partner, experienced in accessing resource expertise worldwide, it is probably easier than you might think.

Miratech already delivers service excellence with a global talent pool. Our methodology and proven performance addresses concerns, with tried and tested expertise and experience designed to help businesses achieve their objectives, as smoothly and quickly as possible. This drives business transformations and yields impressive Return on Investments (ROI) for our clients.

With Miratech at your side, you can be assured that over 30 years of successful project deliveries, that we can engineer your technology vision. Our proven experience is designed to guarantee:

In 2020, alone our ‘#RemoteTogether’ initiative, successfully ‘scaled-up’ our virtual technology solutions support network, to a wholly virtual one. Against the clock we restructured aspects of ours and our clients’ IT infrastructure, creating a 100% remote working solution. This was delivered for all our clients and our employees, worldwide. Customized use of cloud technology combined with our future thinking, to deliver more agility and services than ever before. Enhancing cyber security and providing robust 24/7 critical user support, internationally.

Our seamless operational performance has also delivered increased capability and a reduced cost base by leveraging global skills. At a time when physical travel was significantly restricted, Miratech was able to utilize its global talent pool to scale virtual resources and ensure projects were completed on time, if not ahead of schedule.

We are not restricted by borders, neither are our clients.

Our clients’ feedback proves the value of this approach for performance, with clients acknowledging the positive impact our service has made to their operation. Given the challenges businesses have faced this year, we feel the positive feedback is even more outstanding. Returning a 3rd Quarter 2020 NPS score of +64 our portfolio of international clients gave us indisputable confirmation of their confidence in our services and, the value our global talent pool, working virtually, is delivering to them. So, are you interested in seeing what our highly experienced global talent pool can do for you?

Unleash your business potential

The pandemic has changed the game with organizations accelerating digital transformation in response. Cloud-based collaboration technology and universal internet connectivity makes accessing the right skills, regardless of location, easier than ever. Opening-up your world to the widest pool of talent. However, accessing the specialist skills needed to transform your business can take time, without an experienced partner at your side. Which is why it makes sense to partner with a software and business transformation solutions provider with over 30 years of proven experience working virtually with global talent to deliver outstanding results, quicker than you might believe possible.

To unleash your business potential, take advantage of highly skilled technology experts, with an established track record of service excellence. Connect with Miratech info@miratechgroup.com


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