So, you have your concept, you’ve worked out a business plan and you’re finally headed where you want to be, but how do you get the best team in place to achieve the plan? Successful start-ups need “escape velocity” to be able to break free from the gravitational influence of a highly competitive market while simultaneously growing quickly and adding talent.

That is where our innovative solution R&D4Equity creates new ways to fund start-ups while creating world-class technology teams to execute your plan. At Miratech, we understand that behind every great product is a great idea and the technology to deliver it to completion and its success. That’s why Miratech created this powerful partnership unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

R&D4Equity... that’s how we help visionaries change the world.

Your Vision, Our Success Guarantee

The best companies are built upon a strong foundation of visionaries, believers and proactive doers. If your start-up has the passion, drive, and determination to launch your product, our world-class team of engineering experts is ready to lend their extensive knowledge, vast experience in a variety of fields, and industry-leading tools to get you to success. At Miratech, we understand that the path from plan to progress to profit requires strategic partnership, no-one can do it alone. So, as your partner, we’ll collaborate on your vision, help execute your plan, deliver it to success and then we can celebrate together.

With flexible engagement models we can customize everything from cash/equity ratios, convertible notes and success fees to make sure you have the team and assets in place guarantee your success.

Miratech’s R&D4Equity program is one of the key initiatives supporting our company mission, to help visionaries change the world. Another key initiative is R&D4Equity Pitch Night, which is part of Miratech’s annual M-Force event. Check out a highlight video of startups presenting at R&D4Equity Pitch Night.


Miratech’s client, Bill Blevins of Plants Map, presents his innovation at Miratech’s R&D4Equity Pitch Night event

See full video here

Great companies begin with your vision, guaranteed success begins at Miratech.


Great companies begin with your vision, guaranteed success begins at Miratech.