Miratech’s M-Force Conference Connects Global Enterprise and Startup Communities

OCTOBER 8, 2018, NEW YORKMiratech Group, a global IT services and consulting organization, hosted the North American session of their annual networking event M-Force that took place in New York City on September 26-27.

With Value Innovation headlining the conference, M-Force18 NY was unique in bringing together attendees from over 10 countries, and connecting global enterprise innovation with startup innovation.

Today, innovation is happening faster than most companies can adapt, and M-Force helps bring innovation to scale by bridging the gap between these two communities to discuss these changes from two perspectives – from the nimbleness of a startup and from the scalability of a large multinational corporation.

M-Force18 NY began with an exclusive session for the Miratech partners, followed by R&D4Equity Pitch Day, a new program designed by Miratech and an addition to the annual conference. The pitch session was held on September 26th in partnership with Rise New York at their facility in the heart of New York startup scene. 10 selected startups presented their innovative ideas, including next generation segmentation for software-defined networking, AI for human services, “People Scoring” as a Service, and innovative customer intelligence platform. Some presenters who are already successfully leveraging Miratech’s R&D4Equity Program, including Plants Map and 8dates also presented their companies to the panel of investors and technology experts.

The event continued the following day with the main conference, which was keynoted by technology CEO’s in AI and Blockchain, including Richard Bush from NYIAX and Sameer Maskey from Fusemachines, as well as executives from leading global companies such as Genesys and Philips, who shared actionable value innovation ideas that are driving disruption in the marketplace.

The presentations, which may be viewed here, covered the following topics:

  • M-Force Opening, by Valeriy Kutsyy
  • How Companies Leverage Blockchain, by Richard Bush,President, NYIAX
  • Value Innovation of Democratized Artificial Intelligence, by Sameer Maskey
  • Panel Discussion: Building Innovation into Contact Centers, by Eric Entzeroth, David Sudbey, Janelle Diecken, and Michael DeBiase, moderated by Tony De Cicco
  • Value Innovation at Philips, by Frank Nijsten
  • Digital Transformation in the Marketplace, by Gregory North
  • Transforming Customer Experience, by Janelle Dieken
  • Innovating your Digital Transformation, by Alex Stein
  • Service Design for Value Innovation, by Daniel Song
  • Innovation Drives Business Success, by Phil Weinzimer

The event sponsors included Oracle Financial Services and Eccentex.

It is worth mentioning that this year’s conference was available for anyone to see live on Miratech’s YouTube channel.

M-Force19 Kyiv is scheduled for June 26-27, 2019, and M-Force19 NY will take place on October 23-24, 2019. To learn more about the event, please visit https://miratechmforce.com/.

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