Master Digital Project Management: Achieve 99% Success Rate

In today’s dynamic era of digital transformation, traditional project management tools often fall short, resulting in missed deadlines, exceeded budgets, and project failures.

Digital project management offers a solution, minimizing these risks while maximizing efficiency by automating and optimizing business processes.

Explore the immense value of embracing digitalization in project management and discover how it can propel your projects toward success, leaving manual approaches in the rearview mirror.

Elevating Traditional Digital Project Management

In the realm of software development and implementation, traditional project management methods, while anchored in recognized standards like the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), often lack the digitalized tracking necessary for today’s complex projects.

Consider the analogy of launching a new car model versus developing a multifaceted omnichannel CX platform for a global service business. While the automotive industry benefits from mature engineering tools ensuring precision and repeatability, the software landscape constantly evolves, posing unique challenges.

In this dynamic environment, using non-digitalized project management tools can lead to misleading insights and missed opportunities for in-depth analysis and reporting tailored to your project’s specific needs. It’s time to embrace digital advancements to navigate the complexities of modern project management effectively.

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Unveiling the Potential: A Miratech Case Study

Are you truly seeing the full picture in your project, or could critical risks be slipping under the radar? Let’s delve into a digital transformation case study shedding light on the ease of veering off course without proper digitalization, despite diligent project management.

Our client embarked on a business-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) rollout, confident in its trajectory. However, the CEO sought reassurance, prompting Miratech to conduct a project audit.

The audit uncovered unsettling truths. While the Project Management Office (PMO) adhered to PMBOK standards, the lack of quantitative tracking obscured unseen issues. Miratech’s digitalized project management approach, boasting a 99% success rate, hinges on this crucial data-driven insight. Without it, projects risk a 30% average overrun, as evidenced by a forecasted three-month delay in this case.

Despite meticulous project management practices, the client was blind to the project’s true status. Relying solely on PMBOK without automated analysis proved inadequate for such complexity. Insufficient digitalization hindered accurate estimation and real-time status visibility, leading to inevitable cost escalations.

Initially resistant, the PMO grappled with the realization of project derailment. The client, dismayed by the repercussions of their inadequately digitalized approach, faced heightened transformation and operational costs due to a three-month overrun, as foreseen by Miratech.

This case underscores the imperative of embracing digitalization for effective project management, safeguarding against costly oversights and ensuring timely, budget-conscious delivery.

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Embrace Digital Project Management Transformation

CEOs partner with Miratech because our track record speaks for itself, with over 99% of our projects finishing on time, and on or under budget. But how exactly do we do this?

We’ve covered several ways to ensure your digital transformation is on track, and one of the standout reasons for our clients’ success is our digital project management approach.

The Miratech Agile Portfolio System™ brings together proven methods with agile digital management systems, powered by industry standard tools – like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc.

This approach to project management digitalization is a unique combination of proven project management methodology and decision enhancing hands-on tools. Our patented system has been proven to offer greater control of complex digital transformation projects.

It assures businesses that their large-scale and complex projects will be completed on time and within budget.

Ready to elevate your project management game? Contact Miratech and start your journey towards digital project management success.


Alexander Maximenko

Technology Director

Alexander Maximenko is a 2019 ‘Ones to Watch’ Award winner from IDG’s CIO and the CIO Executive Council, he is also recognized for his superb Software Engineering and Project Management expertise. Alexander provides digital transformation solutions to contact centers, worldwide. A Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) and qualified Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP), with over twenty years’ technology and business solution experience, Alexander is a popular presenter at key industry events and his insight is valued, globally, by editorial researchers for TELECOM, Communications and Networks, as well as for IT Management Magazines.

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