Clients Speak

John Walsh, CEO Lereta

Miratech’s support and expertise on multiple fronts of our business has been invaluable. We were able to stand out from our competition and gain new revenue avenues with Miratech’s help. We feel more confident in our security processes, customer experience journeys, and seamless integration between our systems. With Miratech’s help we were able to expand our customer base while working on the project, so we are thankful for all the hard work and dedication they’ve put in.

Alex Ozeryany, IS Lead

Miratech has been actively involved since 2005 in Microsoft application implementations at Genesys, an Alcatel-Lucent company.
During the engagement Miratech has successfully delivered a number of projects in different Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server areas, and provided reliable, high quality support services.
Currently, there are hundreds of sites serving thousands of users across our organization. I appreciate and highly esteem the professionalism, dedication, and quality of the Miratech team. We are happy customers and completely satisfied with all IS services provided by the team, including project management, engineering, QA, and support.

Slava Zhakov, Chief Technology Officer

Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services. With operations in more than 130 countries and one of the most experienced global services organizations in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent business requires competent partners and suppliers to support its operations.
Miratech has become our supplier in 2000. Over more than 10 years of our cooperation, Miratech has delivered dozens of high complexity projects for Alcatel-Lucent. Miratech delivers its services on time and within quality requirements. Miratech successfully attracts and retains highly competent engineers for our projects. We are very satisfied with the work that Miratech has done and we plan to continue our cooperation in the future. I have no doubts recommending Miratech as a competent provider in its market segment.

Alexandr Sypakov, Head of Avaya Rep Office in Ukraine

The purpose of the IC 611 project was to integrate Avaya’s contact center with a full featured system using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Prior to integration, call request processing time was not optimal, and agents’ work was less effective. Miratech developed a system software interface in-house, and demonstrated its worth as integrator with strong knowledge of Microsoft CRM as well as Avaya’s CTI.

Endre Rangnes, CEO

We knew from the outset that our experience with Miratech and their relentless pursuit to provide superior service would enable us to achieve our aggressive growth strategy.

Bank for Investment and Savings
Vladimir Dyadyura, Head of IT Department

During our cooperation Miratech demonstrated not only a balanced pricing, which today is an important factor, but also a thorough, detailed elaboration of the tasks that had to be solved, which confirms Miratech’s reputation as a reliable and responsible partner. Miratech provides qualified and continuous support for the administration of the DBMS ORACLE, and consulting services in other areas of the Bank’s IT operations.
Outsourcing of IT tasks to Miratech’s experts enables the Bank to address the independence of our business from the staffing problems; it helps reduce the risks associated with the overconcentration of functional tasks and competencies in the hands of the Bank’s own IT cadres. In the course of work, and depending on the complexity and nature of tasks, Miratech provides IT professionals specialized in different areas. Decisions on projects can be achieved faster, and their cost decreases.
The experience of joint work of the Bank and Miratech and, most importantly, the results of cooperation - all this gives grounds for hope that our cooperation will develop and expand in the future.

British American Tobacco
Pavel Tkachov

Certain communication style, attitude and cultural fit of the outsource employees are as important as their technical expertise. This is a strong area of Miratech service – the people issues addressed are managed with due diligence.

Center of State Land Cadaster
Andriy Tarnopolskyy, Director

In the course of land legislation reform, the Ukrainian Parliament passed a bill on State Land Cadaster automated system (AS SLC) development. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the system will incorporate and systematize data regarding land resources nationwide, and make land management more efficient and transparent. The World Bank awarded the grant for this project. The AS SLC software is called National Cadastral System (NCS).
Miratech was the leader of the independent quality assurance expert body for NCS development and application. Miratech engineers completed all the project stages within the agreed-upon timeframe, conducted an expert analysis of NСS experimental performance, and provided valuable recommendations for software improvement and risk minimization in further system deployment and use. We are pleased with the results of our cooperation with Miratech and look forward to continuing our work together.

Dakota imaging Inc.
Pradeep Goel, Senior Vice President and COO

This reference details some of my experiences with Miratech. Since August of 1998, Miratech has served as a resource for technical development, support and information for dakota's product development needs.
Miratech has attracted top talent in their area and domain of expertise, resulting in the development of several products we are currently and successfully offering to our clients. While designing solutions for complex problems, Miratech has mixed innovation with strong processes and project management skills to provide measurable results for dakota imaging.
Miratech follows specifications very rigidly, manages project very closely and displays dedication and commitment. They have gone the extra mile when the situation warranted it. We continue to rely upon Miratech as a development resource as well as a strategic partner.

Braulio Oliveira, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

FINCA International is a U.S.-based not-for-profit organization that provides financial services to the world's lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets, and improve their standard of living. Serving more than one million clients through 22 subsidiaries on five continents, FINCA is considered a global leader in the microfinance industry. An important aspect of its global strategy is to give preference to local resources when it comes to staffing operations.
In the Eurasian market, FINCA was specifically interested in identifying IT professionals with expertise in database and systems administration, reporting software development, and core systems support. Because outsourcing was not an acceptable option for the organization, FINCA was open to other options that could be employed to manage and control its engineering resources.
Miratech suggested a service model known as Managed Competence Centers, which combines the advantages of outsourcing with staff management. This solution allowed FINCA to maintain cost-effectiveness while managing IT resources, without having to permanently fill staffing positions. The Miratech Managed Competence Centers solution has served FINCA well for the past year, and we anticipate it will continue to do so in the future.

Ken Conrad, PS Regional Manager

Miratech partnered with Genesys to design and implement a technology solution to increase customer satisfaction at a large financial institution. The combined project team spent two months on site at the client’s headquarters, finishing on budget and ahead of schedule. Both the client and Genesys are delighted with their contributions, expertise and professionalism. We look forward to future engagements with Miratech to help joint clients deliver great customer experiences.

Vincent Marfaing, VP of Engineering

We have been positively impressed by Miratech' ability to form a qualified team on a short notice and deliver a quality result on time.

Paul Segre, Chief Executive Officer

Miratech is one of many outsource partners that’s helped Genesys grow to more than $850 million in revenue by developing program applications, deploying products, and working with their end users, among other things. We’ve worked to make Miratech part of the team. They get our evolving needs, and they’re flexible in their business model.

IT Service Omikron GmbH
Stephan Droof, Chairman

Our cooperation with Miratech Ltd started in spring 2000. Frankly speaking, we were initially concerned about working with a company, which does not reside in Germany. After a few weeks though, our worries dissipated as we found ourselves working with a solid IT management team and very competent, experienced developers. All phases of the project were delivered strictly by deadlines and well documented.
We have found Miratech to be a very reliable, highly disciplined and honest partner. We would be very happy to use Miratech services in our future projects.

Kyivstar GSM
Kai Gulbrandsen, Chief Technical Officer

We are a big company with a highly professional staff, quality business, and good processes. We w ant to deal with companies that provide quality products as w ell. At the same time, the services should be affordable. Miratech has helped us a lot by developing services and applications, and in other areas.
Miratech specializes in outsourcing. In the past, I have worked with a variety of companies, and Miratech seems to be one of the most professional players in Ukraine for doing this kind of business. They are very flexible and easier to do business with than multinational companies. It is important that Miratech has a strong local presence, and knows the local environment. From this point of view, Miratech is a great partner. I think the benefits of doing business with them are that they are a trustworthy company that believes in providing high quality to their customers.
What we like about Miratech is that you can be sure that the quality is good and I like that Miratech is trying not just to meet clients’ expectations, but to exceed them a little bit.

Kyivstar GSM
Konstantin Koltsov, Head of CRM Development Unit

Miratech successfully developed and implemented the human resource management solution for our contact center. The solution is based on Genesys WFM 7.2. Miratech professionals adapted Genesys WFM to business processes of Kyivstar; developed 5 additional applications based on Workforce Management API and integrated them into an existing software infrastructure. They also provided training for our staff on Genesys WFM operations.
The project performed by Miratech improved efficiency of the contact center and automated a set of processes.
Since project launch in 2007, Miratech provides quality support for WFM solution and performs modifications in line with Kyivstar business needs.

Kyivstar GSM
Andrey Peshiy, Head of IT Department

Miratech staff demonstrated an excellent technical competence, project experience and responded Kyivstar inquiries with the most professional recommendations. With the highest technical score Miratech won the tender for workstation virtualization.

Kyivstar GSM
Andrey Peshiy, Head of IT Department

Kyivstar cooperates with Miratech in the sphere of software engineering services. In 2009, Miratech was chosen from several possible suppliers to provide information system development and maintenance. In 2011, Miratech was chosen to provide system expansion and support services for Microsoft SharePoint Server (2007/2010) and Microsoft Project Server.
Miratech delivers intranet development, testing, and solution implementation services, and provides Kyivstar with all necessary engineering resources for migration from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Additionally, Miratech provides a support point for all Kyivstar solutions based on the SharePoint platform.
Kyivstar’s cooperation with Miratech has lasted more than five years. In this time, Miratech has proven itself a professional and reliable partner.

Kyivstar GSM
Alexandr Rachiba, Head of ERP systems unit

I’d like to express gratitude for Miratech employees’ good job. They provided MS SharePoint outstaffing and outsourcing services!
I’d like to stand out the following people:

  • Vladimir Savchuk
  • Elena Vercholaz
  • Pavel Anatolyev
  • Tatyana Klymenko

Thank you for your work!

Arttu Hollmérus, Business Development Director

We had won a very large, significant outsourcing contract within the financial industry in Finland. As part of our contract, we had to build a robust, modern financial application to enable service operations for one significant part of the contract. We recognized that we lacked the capability in-house to build such a complex application to such a tight timescale. That’s why we turned to Miratech. Miratech designed and delivered a completely modern financial system for us, and migrated what amounted to a massive 20 years worth of legacy data into the new system, without a single error. The one who wants to do it, finds a way to do.

Michael Bergman, R&D Manager

Miratech’s professionalism and commitment were among the most important factors in the success of this project. Miratech will definitely be top of mind when we consider future projects and challenges.

Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine
Anton Basin, Acting Head, Department of International Relations and IT

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine has maintained cooperation with Miratech since September, 2008. Miratech engineers conducted the formal examination of application software within the framework of the World Bank’s improvement of the Ukrainian social care system. Miratech professionals also assessed and monitored an outside supplier’s work on software quality assurance, and software development and implementation.
In 2012, the Ministry faced the task of ensuring hardware and software efficiency in our regional offices. We reached out to Miratech because it already has a well-developed regional service network. The project was realized within tight timeframes; 10,800 workstations were maintained in three months. Undoubtedly we can recommend Miratech as stable and trustworthy partner!

OTP Bank
Alexey Ivanov

Informed decisions, the need for which is made mandatory by the urgent needs of growing businesses, is a pledge of translational motion in any sphere of economic activity. The said well applies to IT. The proper use of IT makes it possible to not only optimize existing processes, but to effectively address new challenges.
However, even a part modernization of information system of financial institutions is a large and complicated task. By implementation of such projects, a clear understanding of the specifics of the enterprise on the part of the integrator is of particular importance. This is why it is always advisable to find the right contractor. This must be a company, which the customer can rely on during all phases of the project. In addition, it is important not just to complete the project successfully, but also to provide post-project maintenance.
In these terms, our engagement with Miratech has fully justified itself. Solution to automation of foreign exchange transactions, or, more precisely, the automation of workflow associated with these operations, was implemented in strict accordance with business objectives the bank has posed to the contractor. In this regard, I would like to mention the professional level of change management provided by Miratech during the project main phase with system maintenance and system upgrades following it now. To date, to meet the diverse needs of the bank, we use various alternative options for access to the expertise and competencies of Miratech.

OTP Bank
Ruslan Kulichenko, Chief Information Officer

In early January 2011, OTP Credit consisted of only 11 full-time employees, but in March it was already planned to issue the first loan. This goal was achieved in time. However, a lot remained to be done. One of the important tasks was to provide an IT support for a large staff of credit agents. Basically, most of the company employees work out of office and therefore are unable to contact an IT department for involvement in field. Need for high quality and quick response IT support on the spot directly affects the business results of the company. Requirements for selection and creation of an IT support model were following: 100% coverage of all user requests (even not only IT-related), full authorization of subscribers, callback function, and scalable service.
As in any business, we had a choice between building our own solution and purchase of turnkey service. We leaned toward the second option. Decision on supplier selection followed. Miratech has already proved itself as a reliable provider of IT services for OTP Group. Meetings of companies' experts demonstrated a correct understanding of our needs, and the ability of provider to implement outsourcing for service desk solution. Development of Tier I support for credit agents was carried out in a record time.
Successful implementation of the project required the active involvement of both customer and provider staff. System building process was fully transparent and did not require constant requests and control over integrator. Miratech professionals provided requirements formalization, recruitment, full documentary support and high-quality project execution.

OTP Bank
Liliya Lazepko, Acting CEO

Adopting outsourcing model brings improved workforce efficiency and makes it possible to correlate the level of service and its cost. Miratech serves OTP Bank branch network IT needs for about two years. Our real-life check of potential benefits of outsourcing can be considered successful.

OTP Bank
Natalia Shevchenko

To both effectively and centrally support the operations of Bank's clients in foreign currency under permanent increase in the number of banking transactions, OTP Bank agreed on the need to automate business segments associated with foreign exchange trading and related workflow, as well as to integrate it with existing infrastructure.
The solution to this task involved Straight Through Processing (STP) - the principle of straight-through processing of data obtained from the client. What made the things worse much more likely than better was the fact that implementation of the solution would to be in continuous functioning of a major financial institution and its regional branches scattered across the entire country. Based on the tender results, Miratech has been selected to conduct the project followed by pre-project preparation tasks. Today, the required functionality of the system is successfully implemented; Miratech provides technical support. Finding the right mix of manual versus automated operations has helped the Bank to optimize back-office headcount. Archiving and Reporting Modules are the opportunity to let the functionality of the solution shine.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Frank De Grave, Purchasing Director Software & Licensing

Miratech has been successfully delivering its services to Philips over the past 3 years and has demonstrated its solid expertise in PC software development.
Miratech has shown a remarkable track record in project management including regular reporting on project progress and risk control.

Hanif Younus, Director of Operational Technology

We are represented almost all over Ukraine. We started our cooperation with Miratech in early 2012, with IT infrastructure support services for our branches in the regions.
Later, we started using additional services, such as service desk out staffing, and a new banking platform, as w ell as network organization in terms of IP telephony in the regional branches.
Speaking on behalf of my team, we are extremely satisfied with the professionalism of Miratech, which is at the European level. As a part of our agreement, I personally meet with the CEO every month or two, just to review our operations and to discuss any issues. I also receive a weekly progress report, which I read and comment on from time to time. This weekly report allows me to monitor the situation, to see when and how I need to improve it.
Due to our cooperation with Miratech, we have reduced our IT staff from 300 to 27 people. Here at Prominvestbank we are very sensitive about cost efficiency, and I can say that now we have really big cost savings. On the Miratech side, 80 IT specialists are constantly supporting our business.
When you outsource something, you always worry if those people can deliver and if everything will be done properly. However, in the two years we have worked with Miratech, there have been no problems that make me worry about the service. It is a pleasure to work with this company. The bigger it becomes, the more professional it is. It never stops improving its services.

Pumatech Inc.
John Stossel, Vice President of Development and Services

We have worked extensively with Miratech on our company's internal software projects. We have found them to be technically very competent and run with a great deal of organization. The Miratech staff has demonstrated its expertise in project management, software engineering, requirements and design documentation.
We have found them to be a company with great integrity and high business ethics. The services they have offered to us have been of a very high quality and at very competitive rates. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential customer.

Heinz Egloff

In my former role as procurement director at Siemens Switzerland I had several years of experience with Miratech. We selected Miratech out of a long list of more than 20 potential suppliers. They proved to be competent and responsive to our needs and delivered the agreed on work packages in time and on budget. I can recommend Miratech without reservation.

Vladimir Golovan, Head of CBIT

In 2007, cooperation between Swedbank and Miratech started with risk analysis of the Processing Centre Project in Ukraine. Since then, Miratech services and their volumes has been continuously growing and soon covered maintenance of bank’s databases. Having been Bank’s Head of IT since 2010, I highly evaluate the quality of Miratech services.
Miratech engineers ensure safe and smooth operation of Oracle databases. The service includes administration, troubleshooting, installation of security updates, logs monitoring, scaling, as well as backup and recovery of databases. In addition Miratech was involved in data migration during complex system integration projects. The availability of bank databases and their performance is maintained at a high level.
Years of successful cooperation have proved the reputation of Miratech as Bank’s reliable IT provider that timely and fully meets our needs.

Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment
Volodymyr Vynnyk, Deputy Director

The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment has cooperated with Miratech since 2007 in the building, development and support of a nationwide automated system to conduct independent external testing of Ukrainian secondary school leavers.
This solution was built based on DORECA, a document imaging and workflow technology from Miratech. The DORECA technology, which had successfully approved itself in the US market and had been adopted to match the needs of automation of a two-tiered process of document flow, was chosen as the basis for the independent external testing system because it provides a significant degree of reliability, simplicity of adjustment and scaling, as well as due to its ease of use by non-technical staff.
During the period of our collaboration, Miratech has proved to be a reliable partner, oriented at the maximum support in achieving customer’s goals, able to work under the conditions of changeable external limitations, when managing the project in an efficient and transparent way.

Ukrainian Mobile Communications
Alexandr Grachev, Head of IT Department of Customer Service Center

Miratech management demonstrates commitment to ensure the quality service and contributes to the strategic discussions toward the future contact center development. When the urgent need arises, Miratech always possesses required skills and people available to handle the issue. Miratech technical support reacts quickly and within service level requirements.

Ukrainian Mobile Communications
Sergey Kostetskiy

More than two and a half years, the Miratech company has been actively involved in the UMC projects as contractor of Quality Management System deployment and Foris/SCP billing system applications acceptance testing. During this time, Miratech has distinguished itself as a reliable partner, aimed at meeting customer's needs in line with our strategy, displaying flexibility and professionalism in the collaboration on our projects.
We highly rate the attitude and methods towards quality management, applied by the Miratech, as well as its principles of efficient organization of project activities and formation of a team that is able to deliver quality results on requisite time.

VAB Bank
Andrey Korobka

Thanks to Miratech the IT savings of the bank exceed 20%, and the future planned effect is expected to reach 30%. Nowadays, about 80% of our employees in the regions moved to work as a part of Miratech team.

VAB Bank
Andrey Korobka

Starting in August 2010, Miratech and VAB specialists worked on corporate web portal development and bank core business process automation based on Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010. Some of the processes included position responsibility management, access management, cost coordination, administrative note management, credit file archive management, and a telephone directory.
As a part of the project, more than 20 websites were developed on different servers. Following implementation, the portal can serve all bank employees. Within the project, the team developed interaction services for external back-office systems and Active Directory.
The Miratech team showed a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of the subject area. Developing complex solutions to achieve the target objective, Miratech combined an innovative approach with broad experience for this project.

Value-Added Communications, Inc.
Serge Seyfetdinov, Vice President, Research & Development

Value–Added Communications (VAC) has been focused on development of cutting-edge call technology for the corrections industry since 1988. Company provides total solutions for customized inmate calling systems and services.
VAC has requested engineering services from Miratech for developing part of Electronic Message Exchange (EME) project recently. EME is the state-of-the-art system, which provides the subscription based two-way document exchange service between families and other outside contacts and the inmate population, incarcerated in participating facilities.
We found Miratech to be a reliable partner with strong experience and excellent technology in high-volume form processing. I want to thank all involved on the Miratech side, for the quality of their deliverables, for their support and willingness to work with VAC on encountered issues and conditions, considering different time zones and remote location.
We are delighted that our partnership with Miratech is successful and productive. I would recommend Miratech to anyone looking for software engineering services, in particular for a form processing technology services.