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Ensure a sound risk culture throughout your entire organization

As the world grows more and more digital, enterprise-wide exposure to risk becomes increasingly prevalent – and potentially costly

Many organizations today successfully manage risk on an area-by-area basis. They have become increasingly adept at protecting themselves at the strategic level, such as corporate governance, continuity planning, and integrity and ethics reviews; financial, including governance, risk and compliance, and financial management; information technology, such as audit readiness; and compliance with government-mandated regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Federal Corrupt Practices, UK Anti-Bribery Act Risk Assessment, and more.
But increasingly the steps you take to manage risk at these individual operational levels don’t translate to enterprise-wide security. Today’s digital transformation enables new types of interactions across the enterprise and with customers, partners, and suppliers. But while boosting business, these new connections can profoundly raise a company’s exposure to risk, potentially inflicting significant reputational damage and cost.

Miratech’s Risk Management Practice takes on the enterprise-wide risks you face every day

We go beyond your individual areas of risk and provide proprietary methodologies and tools that identify, analyze, evaluate, and manage risks throughout your enterprise.

Miratech’s Risk Management Practice offers effective, comprehensive ways to handle liquidity risk, model risk, operational risk, credit risk, as well as strategic risk advisory solutions.

Operational Risk

Beyond credit and market risk, regulators require capital charges and management of operational risk. This covers business practices, litigation risk, natural catastrophes, and systems events. Key current themes in operational risk include anti-money laundering, fraud, vendor management, cybersecurity, and continuity of business.

Internal Audit Solutions

This course includes a high-level review of the CCAR, and dedicates significant attention to the vision of a best practice, sustainable, risk management culture meeting both regulatory and business optimization goals.

Basel III

The new Basel III solvency rules include guidelines for risk-based capital charges (RBC), and leverage ratios (LR, SLR). Securitizations, CVA counterparty risk, collateral management, and securities finance transactions are among those areas that of the portfolio that have the greatest changes from the prior regulatory regime.

Credit Risk Ratings

Approaches for assigning probability of default and loss given default to obligors and facilities are central to bank risk management. This impacts loan loss provisions, sovereign risk, stress tests, and Basel III capital charges.

Model Risk Management

Quantitative models have a significant impact on the decision-making of financial services firms. This can range from capital and stress testing models, to front office pricing models, to credit risk ratings. Regulatory guidelines set forth rules for model risk management, standards for inventories and documentation of models, and validation/backtesting.

Strategic Risk Advisory Solutions

The current global business environment requires that all business organizations strive to manage business risks in an operationally efficient and cost effective manner. Our risk advisory solutions are designed to address specific customer needs while providing value.

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Our Risk Management Practice is run by two recognized leaders in the field


Jonathan D. Greenman

Jonathan Greenman is CEO and Founder of JGreenman Counsulting. He is an expert in Basel III, Dodd Frank, LCR, and NSFR liquidity risk management requirements, as well as CCAR stress testing and business optimization connected to risk themes including client profitability, returns, business strategy, and financial management reporting and forecasting.

Dion Hamilton

Dion Hamilton is Principal Advisor and Founder of Global RisqConsulting. His capabilities include ERM program development and implementation; governance, business process and controls design for ERP initiatives; and audit-readiness and support for IT, financial, and operational compliance requirements. He is an expert in leveraging technology to achieve business objectives.

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Ready to take the risk out of your entire organization?