The age old question of what is more important, innate talent or learned talent, is... both! Here at Miratech, our recruitment process is so stringent, less than 1% of our applicants get hired. They go through rigorous testing for knowledge, cultural alignment and personality compatibility. So we start with the best talent in the market... period. That is what brings us the innate talent to work with and mold into the best technology teams in the market.

While 97% of Miratech’s engineering team hold advanced degrees in computer science and applied mathematics, we continually train and test our teams to ensure they bring not only the best practices to market, but the latest practices.

That talent delivers engineering excellence, at a 99% success rate with 30% more efficiency to every project we support. Success starts with the best talent and that’s why Miratech spends the time and resources to build the best technology teams in the world.

The Tools That Empower Our World-Class Talent

Great talent can only be successful with the right tools and processes. That is why Miratech has packed our process into our Managed Competence Center® that creates a custom plan for every team and project to ensure success. Once the plan is finalized, the team then leverages our proprietary methodologies through our Miratech Agile Portfolio System™ to optimize results and deliver success.

Miratech Talent by the Numbers

Miratech world-class team possesses outstanding software engineering and IT service skills.

Ready for Success?


Ready for Success?