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  • Why do we use it?: Minimize disruption to your operations as we seamlessly move your workloads, data, and applications to Google Cloud.

  • Why do we use it 2: Minimize disruption to your operations as we seamlessly move your workloads, data, and applications to Google Cloud.

  • Why do we use it 3: Minimize disruption to your operations as we seamlessly move your workloads, data, and applications to Google Cloud.

Benefits of Migrating to Google Cloud with Miratech

Successful cloud migrations require careful planning, expertise, and collaboration between various stakeholders, including IT teams, developers, operations, and business units.

1. Embrace GCP’s flexible infrastructure that scales with your business, ensuring you have the resources you need at all time.

2. Our expertise spans across many hyperscalers to incorporate multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies that lower your risks.

3. Miratech’s global talent network ensures both vertical and horizontal expertise to assist you with compliance concerns.

4. Accelerate response times and boost customer satisfaction with predictive Artificial Intelligence driven routing.

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Miratech’s Step-by-Step Cloud Migration Process

Awesome Planning

We evaluate current infrastructure, identify migration candidates, and develop a tailored migration strategy.

Data Migration

We securely transfer your data and reconfigure or refactor applications for optimal performance in the cloud.

Post-Migration Management

We do rigorous testing before going live and monitor performance post-migration for ongoing success.

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Miratech led a successful migration from HashiCorp Vault to Google Secrets Manager, enhancing security and operational efficiency. This transition empowered the client to leverage Google’s advanced security features and benefit from a more robust and scalable secrets management solution.

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Private Custom Cloud Deployment for Multinational Consumer Credit Reporting Agency


With 2,110 Configuration Points (CP) estimated for the IVR migration, data-driven planning ensured a smooth transition to a private custom cloud for this client. This streamlined approach minimized disruption and ensured maximum benefits.


Operating two separated, decade old IVR systems connecting to 21 applications posed challenges. Based on the analysis of historical data accumulated from Miratech projects of similar size and complexity, the estimated effort to migrate the IVR application was 1.6 person-hours per CP.


The client moved to a private custom cloud in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), enhancing security and modernizing operations, with Genesys managing the private GCP. This strategic shift positioned the client for future scalability and innovation.


A seamless migration to a private custom cloud improved customer experience, security, and cost-efficiency, marking the start of an ongoing successful partnership. The company now operates with enhanced agility and a strong foundation for growth.


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