Vyacheslav Artamonov

Head of Corporate Sales Department, Microsoft-Ukraine

Miratech’s solution for insurance companies is one of the most effective on the market. It includes special insurance business segment customization of Microsoft CRM, and is well designed to integrate with PBX, contact center, and accounting system software. In addition, Miratech can serve its customers with hosting. This ‘all in one’ solution allows insurance companies to address key business tasks that usually take 90 percent of their time and 90 percent of their budget.

The keys to Miratech’s success with this solution are a convenient and familiar user interface based on Microsoft Outlook or a web browser; powerful and user-friendly development tools; special connectors developed by Miratech for integration with external software systems; and other features specially designed for the insurance industry. This solution is one of the most complete and optimal for the insurance market in terms of price and functionality.

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Ready for Success?

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