Serge Seyfetdinov

Vice President, Research & Development, Value-Added Communications, Inc.

VAC has requested engineering services from Miratech for developing part of Electronic Message Exchange (EME) project recently. EME is the state-of-the-art system, which provides the subscription based two-way document exchange service between families and other outside contacts and the inmate population, incarcerated in participating facilities.

We found Miratech to be a reliable partner with strong experience and excellent technology in high-volume form processing. I want to thank all involved on the Miratech side, for the quality of their deliverable, for their support and willingness to work with VAC on encountered issues and conditions, considering different time zones and remote location.

We are delighted that our partnership with Miratech is successful and productive. I would recommend Miratech to anyone looking for software engineering services, in particular for a form processing technology services.

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