Natalia Shevchenko

OTP Bank

To both effectively and centrally support the operations of Bank’s clients in foreign currency under permanent increase in the number of banking transactions, OTP Bank agreed on the need to automate business segments associated with foreign exchange trading and related workflow, as well as to integrate it with existing infrastructure.

The solution to this task involved Straight Through Processing (STP) – the principle of straight-through processing of data obtained from the client. What made the things worse much more likely than better was the fact that implementation of the solution would to be in continuous functioning of a major financial institution and its regional branches scattered across the entire country. Based on the tender results, Miratech has been selected to conduct the project followed by pre-project preparation tasks. Today, the required functionality of the system is successfully implemented; Miratech provides technical support. Finding the right mix of manual versus automated operations has helped the Bank to optimize back-office headcount. Archiving and Reporting Modules are the opportunity to let the functionality of the solution shine.

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