Kai Gulbrandsen

CTO, Telenor

We are a big company with a highly professional staff, quality business, and good processes. We want to deal with companies that provide quality products as well. At the same time, the services should be affordable. Miratech has helped us a lot by developing services and applications, and in other areas.

Miratech specializes in outsourcing. In the past, I have worked with a variety of companies, and Miratech seems to be one of the most professional players for doing this kind of business. They are very flexible and easier to do business with than multinational companies. It is important that Miratech has a strong local presence, and knows the local environment. From this point of view, Miratech is a great partner. I think the benefits of doing business with them are that they are a trustworthy company that believes in providing high quality to their customers.

What we like about Miratech is that you can be sure that the quality is good and I like that Miratech is trying not just to meet clients’ expectations, but to exceed them a little bit.

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