Andrey Korobka

VAB Bank

Thanks to Miratech the IT savings of the bank exceed 20%, and the future planned effect is expected to reach 30%. Nowadays, about 80% of our employees in the regions moved to work as a part of Miratech team.

March 2011


Starting in August 2010, Miratech and VAB specialists worked on corporate web portal development and bank core business process automation based on Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010. Some of the processes included position responsibility management, access management, cost coordination, administrative note management, credit file archive management, and a telephone directory.

As a part of the project, more than 20 websites were developed on different servers. Following implementation, the portal can serve all bank employees. Within the project, the team developed interaction services for external back-office systems and Active Directory.

The Miratech team showed a high level of professionalism and a deep understanding of the subject area. Developing complex solutions to achieve the target objective, Miratech combined an innovative approach with broad experience for this project.

August 2011

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