Andrey Baschev

Finance and Credit Bank, Chief of the Informational Technologies Center

The Bank’s cooperation with Miratech on the outsourced printing equipment maintenance pilot project started in December 2014. The services rendered by Miratech include consumable shipment, and printing equipment auditing and repair. These services were provided to bank departments throughout Ukraine.

The SLA performance during the pilot project always met the Bank’s requirements; and the end customer’s satisfaction level was high. During the pilot project, Miratech took an active part in forming the Bank’s interaction system, Outsourcer, and optimizing the request and reporting registration system. Miratech’s specialists communicated at a high level, and took into account the client’s issues.

The cooperation with Miratech has proven that the Bank can benefit from outsourcing services. During the cooperation, Miratech showed itself as a reliable partner of the Bank, which is now fully able to fulfill obligations it has undertaken.

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