Business Transformation Services to Enhance Security: Miratech and LERETA Success Story

A leading financial services company, LERETA, which provides real estate tax and flood services, felt the urge for improvement. They wanted to enhance their position in the market, utilizing operational process transformation, customer experience improvements, and enhancing security. Miratech, a specialized Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS) provider took over to help LERETA persevere and achieve its goals. In this blog post, you will learn how Miratech’s business transformation services played a big role in accomplishing their objectives.

Business Transformation Objective

LERETA set out with a clear goal: to enhance their market position through operational process transformation, improved customer experiences, and heightened security measures. Their primary objectives were to simplify integration processes with key providers, automate tasks, and enhance communication systems for better customer engagement and issue resolution rates on the first call.

Business Transformation Solution

LERETA committed the challenge to its trusted partner, Miratech, to execute a comprehensive Business Transformation as a Service project. The following key initiatives ensured the success of the project:

  • Integration Improvements and Automation: Enhanced integrations with key providers using advanced automation techniques to boost operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.
  • Structured and Secure Communication System: Implemented a secure communication system for customer service operations across various channels, resulting in improved first call resolution rates and increased CX.
  • Source Control and Migration Streamlined: development and deployment processes through successful source control and migration using CI/CD pipeline tools like Terraform and CXasCode.
  • Managed Support for Genesys Cloud: Provided ongoing day-to-day support and maintenance for LERETA’s Genesys Cloud environment, ensuring smooth operations and focus on core business activities.
  • Unique Technology Request and Data Extraction: Delivered a successful unique technology request for LERETA, showcasing the benefits of adhering to security compliance and maintaining the integrity of sensitive information.
  • Onboarding Customers with Security Requirements: Assisted the onboarding of new customers with demanding security requirements by implementing segregated authentication processes, integrating with third-party identity management platforms, and customizing data views.

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Business Transformation Services Project Outcomes

The collaboration between Miratech and LERETA unfolded as a dynamic journey, guided by the vision of achieving excellence through Business Transformation as a Service. This strategic partnership aimed not just at meeting objectives but at redefining industry standards. The remarkable results bear testimony to the transformative power of this collaboration.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency: The streamlined integrations and automation initiatives resulted in increased operational efficiency, enabling LERETA to handle customer service operations more effectively.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Brand alignment and quality teams can now audit and evaluate CX interactions through a secure regulatory compliant process, in which they have direct custody of the assets.
  • Strengthened Security Measures: Through Miratech’s expertise, LERETA successfully implemented complex security requirements, allowing the company to acquire new customers with demanding security needs.
  • Successful Onboarding of New Customers: Miratech’s support in onboarding customers with rigorous security requirements helped LERETA grow its revenue and expand its customer base.

Client Testimonial

“Miratech’s support and expertise on multiple fronts of our business has been invaluable. We were able to stand out from our competition and gain new revenue avenues with Miratech’s help. We feel more confident in our security processes, customer experience journeys, and seamless integration between our systems. With Miratech’s help we were able to expand our customer base while working on the project, so we are thankful for all the hard work and dedication they’ve put in.” – John Walsh, CEO of LERETA.


The success story of the Miratech and LERETA partnership is a testament to the incredible power of business transformation. By leveraging Miratech’s wealth of experience and expertise, LERETA was able to achieve its objectives across all areas, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

This success story represents the benefits of the business transformation to the company, encouraging other businesses to embrace the power of technology in their operations.

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