New Year Feast with Miratech

To get together in one place, which is different from the working environment, seems to become a tradition at Miratech. And if not, it’s positively something Miratech team has grown accustomed to through the years not for nothing.

This year corporate party took place at the Jaeger Yard, an old-fashioned establishment cozily placed in the middle of wooded area covered with snow of sparkling white. It didn’t look like fairytale it was one, attended by crme de la crme of the IT industry and banking sector, it became unforgettable.

Even if seeing off the end of year is not unusual, celebrating together with cheerful entertainment, twinkling lights, colorful cocktails, cozy corners to relax in and a dance floor to show off your moves makes it special! Drinks were flowing and the food was piled high; the cheer and laughter said it all Miratech people not only work good, they celebrate good, too! For those about the rock it was even more fun dancing to the oldies from Queen, Modern Talking and fasten your seatbelts! Eruption with their everlasting ÔOne Way Ticket’. A word of surprise for hustlers among us: Miratech has well ruled in favor of them over complaints relating to the lack of pool tables. This time there were four of them. It’s not a joke: four of them! So playing billiard, or anything people like till the mind blows, wasn’t an issue at all.

Tastes differ, and holding a reception for such a bunch of funny and cheerful people is not a trivial task. However, people are people, and sometimes all it takes to make them smile and let their hearts swing in tune is a couple of chords played alive, so they can sing along. Miratech managerial staffs have a full schedule, but there’s someone they would always take a phone call from – Elvis Presley, the man whose distinctive baritone provided the perfect foil for that evening standing ovations. What’s said is done – that’s all it was about, that’s what we saw – not an oyster walked upstairs! Let alone the fireworks that marked the highlight of the feast – New Year has arrived!

Some might ask why Miratech lets money flow in this direction – considering bleak outlooks in the economy. The answer to the question is as follows: A trade in hand finds gold in every land; people for Miratech are treasure. Leading the way and investing in people, Miratech invests in its own future and at its own cost.


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