Miratech to Participate in G-Force 2007 London as Sponsor

Miratech will take part in G-Force 2007, the world’s leading event for the industry of contact centers to be held in London on 46 June, as Sponsor.

G-Force is renowned as the premier contact center and customer service events of the year. It is no surprise that more than 800 Genesys customers from around the world are expected to attend. They hope to optimize their contact centers: find the solutions they need, have some networking time with fellow peers, enhance interaction with partners, get exposure to innovative approaches and insights into the industry.

As this year’s theme for G-Force 2007 events around the world is go. BEYOND, an enriching two day program at G-Force promises to be highly rewarding both professionally and personally. At the event, Genesys with their partners will illustrate how to take customers’ contact centers beyond on three levels: a new vision of a Dynamic Contact Center, the global nature of the speakers and attendees, and in the inspirational messages all participants will take away from the event.

The Partner Forum and G-Force events offer an opportunity to join and network with industry experts and decision-makers from the world’s leading companies as well as industry press, analysts and partners.

Sessions will be led by a variety of users, Genesys experts, partners and speakers from some of the world’s leading companies. Participants will also hear real case studies from customers who utilize Genesys to deliver superior customer service at competitive costs. More than 20 speakers and Genesys executives will be presenting at G-Force London.

Delivering high tech services to companies around the world, Miratech positions itself in the following major categories:

Software Lifecycle Management

Customer Interaction Management Solutions (Genesys, Microsoft)

Outsourcing Services

Miratech employs 300 experts, most of which are Cisco, CMU/SEI, IBM, HIPAA, Microsoft, Oracle, Rational, Veritas certified personnel. The Company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified, SEI CMM Level 3 software engineering organization, on the way to CMMI Level 5.

Miratech business partners are Microsoft, Genesys, and IBM.

Established in 1989, today Miratech provides the world’s leading companies with software engineering, outsourcing and consulting services. Miratech has performed hundreds of projects for customers in about 20 countries, for companies from the Fortune 500 list. Major Miratech customers are corporate clients in the US and Western Europe.

To arrange a meeting or for further information, please contact us at sales@miratechgroup.com.


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