Miratech Supports Declared Values in Practice

One of Miratech values sounds like People are our topmost asset. In its everyday work Miratech proves that it’s not only beautiful words.

The company constantly invests in its personnel and one of the main areas of activity of HR department is continuous training and skill improvement of the company’s employees. Miratech developed a programme to provide its staff with education in MBA business schools. Annual budget is allocated to this programme. Last year two senior managers of Miratech started their education to get MBA degrees; since January 2006 three more Miratech employees have became MBA students. This program will be kept on and more management team members will be offered to get MBA degree in the future.

Training of employees is not only fashionable trend. In such dynamic industry as IT, knowledge becomes obsolete very quickly and ability to learn, gain new knowledge and apply it in practice becomes a key success factor. Taking into account rapid growth of Miratech (almost 100 percent per year), it’s essential for its employees to keep pace with changes. Investing into personnel, the company ensures success of its business in the new global, hyper competitive, informational economy.


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Ready for Success?

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