Miratech Started Collaboration with VAB Bank on IT Support for Its Regional Network

February 19, 2010-In late 2009, Miratech signed an agreement with VAB Bank, under which it provides IT support for a regional network of the Bank.

Major IT projects that have been outsourced are technology services and upholding of computer park and office equipment, support of standard office software for workstations and printers, maintenance, supply and replacement of consumables and support services for office telephony and client support of Client-Bank system by means of IT (installing, reinstalling and configuring of client software on the client’s PC, and maintenance of POS-terminals). This development follows a pilot project for the maintenance of IT infrastructure of two regional offices of VAB Bank, during which the study and analysis of daily needs were conducted to find specific risks associated with partial outsourcing of IT services. These measures helped develop list of services and plan for their launch which allowed for a virtually painless outsourcing.

Elena Zhylich, Miratech Director, Product Development, comments on this: “There is no doubt that banking sector will continue to actively develop. To date, financiers seek greater cost transparency; they are looking for ways to reduce costs and to obtain better services. As a provider of outsourcing services for the banking sector, Miratech under these conditions always have something to offer to its customers.


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