Miratech Sends a Delegation to CeBIT 2008

Miratech will contribute to the program of CeBIT, the world’s largest trade fair displaying digital IT and telecommunications solutions for both business and home environments. This year the Exhibition is to be held in Hanover on March 4-9.

Miratech will be represented by a delegation lead by Valeriy Kutsyy, CEO of Miratech, and Nikolay Royenko, its President.

CeBIT gathers a wide international audience, representing banks and insurance companies, sector of services, wholesale and retail trade, industries and transports, public administration and other areas. As these sectors have been Miratech’s target markets of service delivery for almost 20 years, the company will take this opportunity to offer its professional high tech services.

Valeriy Kutsyy, Miratech CEO, will deliver a presentation at a CeBIT 2008 forum on March 4. Meetings with interested companies are being scheduled for March 4 and 5.

Having business growth as a prime objective for the next years, Miratech is looking for new partnerships, which will support the existing growth plans.

As the schedules of Miratech representatives at CeBIT are already expected to be rather busy, all interested in meetings with them are advised to write to info@miratechgroup.com or phone +380442064090.

We at Miratech are looking forward to meeting with existing partners and new contacts to explore cooperation opportunities.


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