Miratech Provides Ongoing Support for Ukraine’s Military Efforts

June 9, 2023, NEW YORK – Miratech, a leading global technology company, is pleased to announce its continued dedication to supporting Ukraine and its military through a series of initiatives aimed at raising funds for the nation’s defense. These efforts exemplify Miratech’s unwavering commitment to Ukraine, its people, and the cause of maintaining peace and security.

Miratech’s leadership highlighted the significance of Labor Day in Ukraine, which fell on May 1st. Despite the cancellation of state holidays during the military state, Miratech granted its employees the option to work or take the day off. 80 employees chose to work and made a significant impact, as Miratech pledged to donate all funds of 1,300,000 hryvnias raised during the voluntary day to support Ukraine’s military.

The proceeds from this initiative were allocated to the dedicated volunteer efforts of seven Miratech employees, three of whom are actively serving in the Ukrainian Army, while the remaining four are passionately volunteering and raising funds to support various war efforts. Building upon the success of a similar campaign last fall, which raised over 1 million UAH, Miratech is proud to continue its support for Ukraine during these challenging times.

Miratech extends its heartfelt appreciation to all team members actively volunteering and raising funds to support Ukraine’s military efforts. Their selflessness and commitment serve as an inspiration to the entire organization, and Miratech takes great pride in having such remarkable individuals as part of its team.


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