Miratech Launches MiraCloud, a Revolutionary CCaaS Delivery and Support System

MARCH 13, 2023, NEW YORK – Miratech, a global IT services and consulting company, has launched MiraCloud, a subscription-based cloud professional services solution designed to accelerate the delivery, support, and continuous improvement of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platforms.

MiraCloud‘s innovative service offers clients the flexibility to purchase on a per-seat basis, making it highly scalable and adaptable to meet their needs. It provides fast access to specialist technology talent and project management to accelerate the delivery and support of cloud-based digital transformations, as well as the development and continuous improvement of CCaaS platforms.

The flexible subscription service for CCaaS platforms includes:

  • Architecture & Design: a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process that leverages Miratech’s 30 years of experience to determine the best cloud environment for your organization. Our team will thoroughly analyze your existing infrastructure, identify potential areas for improvement, and design a customized cloud solution that meets your unique requirements.
  • Proactive Management: provides support and lifecycle management, including participation in quarterly business reviews, helping customers to optimize their CCaaS platforms and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Agile Cloud Transformation & Integration: the process of seamlessly migrating all contact center capabilities, including both voice and digital channels, to a cloud-based service. This is a critical process for businesses looking to modernize their contact center operations and ensure a seamless transition that enhances their customer service capabilities and drives success in the long term.
  • Customization & Optimization Solutions: offers the ability to rapidly adapt to changing business or market requirements leveraging DevOps methodologies, as well as delivering 24×7 support. This allows customers to tailor their CCaaS platform to meet their unique needs and stay agile in an ever-changing business landscape.

MiraCloud makes it quicker and easier for organizations to benefit from new CCaaS technology without disrupting existing workflows,” says Erik Delorey, Miratech CX Practice Leader. “It is highly adaptable, with multiple flexible services and advanced options of highly specialized services. This makes it easy for clients to pivot digital transformation priorities according to business needs and budget availability.”

Miratech has a proven track record of executing some of the top-performing CX platforms in the world, and with MiraCloud, organizations can now benefit directly from their expertise.

To learn more about MiraCloud, visit https://miratechgroup.com/miracloud/


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