Miratech Joins EBA

Miratech joined the European Business Association (EBA) in September 2008. Established in 1999 the EBA brings together about 750 European, including national and international companies and offers its members a broad scope of services: from lobbing through B2B to information partnership.

This initiative is for businesspersons who see advantages and benefits of European business-community and able to work effectively together. To be a part of this community not only honor but also a decided step forward for Miratech as well.

EBA membership is a new branch for Miratech business development. The European Business Association has been rapidly growing in size attracting more and more members who represent numerous industries and offer a wide variety of services. One of the key benefits of the EBA membership is networking which adds value to business growth and that is why enabling better opportunities for finding partners within the EBA business community. EBA membership empowers smooth business-to-business interaction of companies by sectors and provides its members with more opportunities for company’s promotion.


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