Miratech Joins Diia City to Drive IT Innovation and Growth in Ukraine

March 23, 2022, NEW YORK – Miratech, a global IT services and consulting company, is now a Diia City resident.

Diia City is the best special legal and tax regime for IT companies in the world that has been recently launched in Ukraine. It will help Ukraine to become a high-digital state and the largest IT Hub in Europe. Creating favorable conditions for growing innovative businesses, raising investments, building digital infrastructure and attracting talented IT professionals in Ukraine, Diia City will enable organizations like Miratech to provide the best IT resources and be highly competitive worldwide.

Miratech’s clients around the world can benefit by taking advantage of the reduced taxation, transparent corporate structure, flexible conditions of employment, best corporate practices and better access to investment capital.

The launch of the Diia City space will make Ukraine attractive for IT companies and startups. With Diia City, the Ukrainian government wants to increase the share of the IT sector in the country’s GDP to 10% from the current 4%.

“We believe that Ukraine has a great potential to become a world tech hub and we continue to support all our employees in Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine during its fight in the war with Russia and will continue to do everything in our power to contribute to Ukraine’s economy and help ensure its strong future,” – commented Alexander Oleshko, Senior Vice-President, Global Delivery, Miratech.

“Today, it is important to keep working, to do everything we can to support the economy of Ukraine. Diia City creates appropriate conditions to make this possible. We are delighted to welcome new residents and are ready to support all technology companies, and our country along with them. Together, we will win,” – comment from the Diia City press office.

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