Miratech Hosts a U.S. Partner Webinar

In November, Miratech held the first Miratech Partner Webinar dedicated to the company business strategy and plans for the future. Meanwhile, partners from the U.S. had the opportunity to discover new business perspectives and ideas for further cooperation. Stewart Christ, Miratech’s Director for Business Development in the U.S., led the webinar.

During the partner-to-partner session, Miratech partners introduced themselves, and shared information about their companies and their partnership experience with Miratech. This session gave all attendees an opportunity to know more about Miratech’s strategic ambitions and to interact with other U.S. partners.

Roman Dzvinka, Miratech Vice President, Global Sales, talked about Miratech’s operational model, sales policies and processes: I want to make it very clear that Miratech fully understands that customers’ loyalty and trust are the most important partner assets. We will always respect this fact by not letting our partners down.


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