Miratech Gives Computer Equipment to Charity Foundation Helping Children in Crisis Situations

Miratech understands its societal responsibility, and considers it a duty to take care of employees’ children, as well as other children who require help. So, in June, we provided two monitors, two notebooks, and three system units to the international Sunshine Foundationas social assistance.

The Foundation was started to help children who have been deprived of parental care, suffered from domestic violence, or experienced trauma. The organization operates the Children’s Social Rehabilitation Center, supports foster families, organizes tent camps for at-risk children, and helps children who face complex life circumstances.

Foundation administrators thanked Miratech for the help in a letter of gratitude, which read, in part, Today 20 children from 7 to 17 years old live in our Center. Thanks to your help it will be easier for these children to do their home-work with the modern equipment, and also they will have one more opportunity for the all-round development. Your participation it’s a great contribution in the success of the rehabilitation and recovery of these deprived children.


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