Miratech Extends Christmas and New Year Thanks and Greetings to the Company Employees, Its Partners and Customers

On December 25 the General Staff Meeting was held at Miratech to present the annual report on operating results in reciprocating year and to share Miratech plans for the year to come.

Valeriy Kutsyy, Miratech CEO, used his speech to stress that this year had become successful and that the global economic slowdown would not hobble the pace of company’s headway.

According to the main financial indicators, during 2008 Miratech has been growing significantly; this, too, applies to the number of personnel that reached its historical maximum, he said. The current impact on Miratech by world financial crisis is very limited since Miratech business is diversified.

Valeriy Kutsyy said that, on behalf of Miratech, he would like to extend his thanks both to the people employed by the company and company’s partners and customers for their support during the past year, and wish them all the best for Christmas and New Year.

Dear colleagues, this year became very successful for Miratech, facing some really big challenges we have strengthened our market position – so now we have a lot to be proud of, to recall and to talk about. I am sure that the New Year celebration will become a thing to remember. As for the coming year, and it is not uncommon to say that these days, it might be not less demanding. However, if we are well equipped for the downturn, then it is due to you and your fantastic commitment to the Miratech mission and its success. I would like to thank our partners and our customers abroad and all of you, gathered here today, for your cooperation. Let’s make our presence felt in the coming year the way we did it last year, he said.


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