Miratech Expands in Switzerland

Miratech, a leading IT outsourcing provider, establishes operations in Switzerland. Miratech opens Miratech AG in order to offer Miratech services to Swiss customers. Miratech AG is founded in Greater Zurich Area on 4th of July 2012 under laws of Switzerland as a joint venture between Miratech and SEC Switzerland AG (SEC) with Miratech as a majority shareholder. This milestone follows negotiations with Swiss partners and consultations with government of the Canton of Glarus in Greater Zurich Area.

Expansion in Switzerland is a natural move for Miratech. Swiss market is very strategic for the company. Miratech has entered its first services contract in Switzerland in 1989, 23 years ago.

We are very optimistic regarding the future of Miratech AG. comments Valeriy Kutsyy, Chief Executive Officer of Miratech. SEC Switzerland AG is a highly reliable and competent company and we are convinced that we have found in SEC the right partner, which will help us to develop in the Swiss IT market very quickly and effectively.

Daniel Schicker, Chief Executive Officer of SEC Switzerland AG, says: We have a working relationship with Miratech now since a few years and they always impressed us with the skills of their employees and the quality, efficiency and professionalism of the provided services. We are therefore fully convinced that their market entrance is a great win and enrichment for the Swiss IT market and its customers.”

Contact for Media

Stewart Christ, Miratech, Senior Vice-President, North America

Tel: +1 202 470 0845, e-mail: marketing@miratechgroup.com

About Miratech

Miratech provides outsourcing and other IT services to corporate customers. Founded in 1989, Miratech is headquartered in Stockholm. Miratech’s service network, including R&D centers, is available in 560 cities and towns.

The IAOP named Miratech among the world’s best outsourcing service providers on the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies list. Miratech has been recognized by the Black Book of Outsourcing as one of the top 10 leading outsourcing service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2010, 2011, and 2012, Miratech was named an Industry Leader in the Software Development category by League of the Best, the international economic rating based on State Statistics Committee official data. For additional information about Miratech, please visit www.miratechgroup.com.

About SEC

SEC, a consultancy and service provider, was founded in 2001. The headquarters are in ZiegelbrŸcke, canton of Glarus; there is a branch office in Zurich. With consultants and sales specialists, SEC supports companies working both nationally and internationally, companies in a wide range of industries and of all different sizes. A public limited company, SEC is completely privately owned.

Website: www.sec-switzerland.com


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