Miratech Enters IBM PartnerWorld

Miratech enrolls as a Consultant and Integrator in the IBM PartnerWorld, the worldwide marketing and enablement program for IBM Business Partners. Within the framework of the program, Consultants and Integrators are specialized in providing consulting and integration services, including business consulting, systems integration, application development and management, and outsourcing.

As a member of PartnerWorld, Miratech gains access to one of the most comprehensive business partner programs in the industry. For the company, enrolment in the program is recognition of its technical and industry skills and experience, high competence, commitment to quality and influence in software development and outsourcing services. For IBM, one of the world’s largest IT providers with revenues of US$91 billion in 2005, partnering with another professional company committed to quality means further broadening the reach of its technologies, products, and services.

Participation in the program provides a great value to Miratech business through access to a mixture of sales support, marketing resources, incentives and teaming opportunities. One of the major advantages of the IBM PartnerWorld program for Miratech is assistance with developing applications that run on IBM hardware and software platforms, and with integrating IBM technologies with own offerings to provide customized solutions for Miratech existing and new clients of all sizes. At different levels of partnership, the program implies various benefits for business partners: technical support with providing hardware and software technical access; investments into skills development and solution development support; marketing assistance with on-demand generation, messaging and deliverables. At the selling stage, IBM partnership helps with sales support, whereas collaboration within the framework of the program provides with go-to-market initiatives and lead sharing.

As a result, Miratech will further enhance its competitive advantages: absolute commitment to quality, competitive prices, and flexibility with wide range of platforms, environments covered and tools used. Participation of Miratech in the program and access to the IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks can help shorten its sales cycle. Miratech is determined to convert IBM partnership into greater prospective for growth, access, profitability and knowledge for both companies and their customers.


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