Miratech Embraces ‘Remote Together’

Miratech is a leading IT company, now turns to its own employees, and provides the option to permanently work from home.

June 03, 2020, NEW YORK – Miratech, a global IT services and consulting organization, announces a shift to a more remote workforce, allowing employees to work from home ‘forever’.

The COVID-19 outbreak already has a lasting impact on businesses worldwide – companies rush to address the change in business operations, both current and emerging. There are massive cost implications and issues as employees are migrating to remote work; companies are ordering thousands of equipment pieces, software, and installations. This transition has become a major operation, and not everyone might be ready to embrace it quickly.

Long before the outbreak, since the very inception in 1989, many of Miratech employees and contractors have practiced Work from Home (WFH) as a normal course of the collaboration. We have tested a fully remote mode during the pandemic, since February 1, and discovered that this shift is very natural for us. As of June 1, Miratech announced globally that from now on, all employees would have an option to work remotely, not just for the period of the pandemic, but ‘forever’ – unless they are in a role or situation that requires them to be in the office.

Miratech has been providing a remote workforce for multinational companies for the last 30 years. Establishing a fully remote workforce just makes us “practice what we preach”, enabling Miratech to assist other organizations in trying to achieve the same goals.

“The nature of our industry, business model, and tasks means we can easily adapt to a remote service model. These past few months have proven that we can operate effectively with employees doing their jobs remotely – our teams show largely equal or higher productivity while working from home,” – commented Miratech CEO, Valeriy Kutsyy.

There are many reasons why Miratech is choosing to make this shift. By adopting a remote model, we become more flexible – we can work with our clients when they need us. This ‘new normal’ will help us improve output and maintain the quality of delivery. It is demonstrated by our statistics that show that we have been able to sustain 100% of our commitments during the quarantine period. Whatever the location, we will make sure our data lines and infrastructure move as fast as every employee; by using a minimum of 100 Mbps fiber lines in every household. The remote work option also allows us to become increasingly flexible in a search for the best workforce, globally. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the level of stress and the ability to work from home.

Miratech is also pleased to announce that the shift to remote work falls in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – more specifically, it decreases traffic congestion and carbon footprint.  By working from home, Miratech employees will be able to reduce transportation-related carbon emissions by about 400 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. We will also be able to save valuable commute time and spend it more productively.

If your organization is in the midst of the transition or is considering this shift, Miratech can help you achieve success. To learn more about #RemoteTogether, Miratech, and driving a more productive workforce, please contact us at info@miratechgroup.com

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