Miratech Becomes a Gold Sponsor of ACM ICPC, the Most Popular Programming Contest in the World

NOVEMBER 11, 2019, NEW YORK – Miratech Group, a global IT services and consulting organization, has become a Gold Sponsor of the European Regional ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, the most prestigious multi-tiered competitive programming competition among universities all over the world. This sponsorship will help Miratech in its mission to engage and involve the global community with technology to make an impact, not only on the future of the IT industry, but also on the future of the world’s youth.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is an annual activity of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) that provides college students from over 91 countries across all six continents with an opportunity to sharpen and demonstrate their excellent teamwork, programming skills, and problem-solving talent. The ICPC traces its roots to a competition held at Texas A&M in 1970. In the past 20 years alone, ICPC participation has increased by more than 2,000%. Last year, ICPC Regional participation included 52,709 of the finest students and faculty in computing disciplines from 3,233 universities in 110 countries on six continents.

Mykola Royenko, Miratech President, greeted participants and the steering committee: “Miratech is extremely proud to be one of the main sponsors of ACM ICPC supporting young talents. We are confident this global and one of the most prestigious programming competitions helps nurture new generations of global talent in the science and art of information technology and contributes to the IT ecosystem development worldwide”.

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